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@Wes899 said:
" A Gamestop employee said  to a customer in front of me: "Don't buy a PS3, the online is free THEREFORE it's not as good."  "
lolness. Usually actually the employees at my local Gamestop are okay, they don't bother me too much since they know I don't need any help with anything. I do find that I know infinitely more about games though and that they often try to shamelessly promote things I'm not remotely interested in.
If I have any hatred towards Gamestop it's for their trade in values, it's just outright robbery.
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1. Contact tech support
2. I very much doubt it
I've never had this problem myself, though I do have to keep re-installing one game every now and then when it won't start. I can only suggest you ask those guys at steam tech support.

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Surely these secret keepers at Capcom are masters of their craft.

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I'd completely forgotten about shrove tuesday. Well I never did anything for it back home, I doubt that'll change now, but yeah Ketchup or marmite on pancakes would be just vomit inducing, I wouldn't suggest trying it.

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This looks interesting, I like playing the original from time to time, but it would really benefit from online multiplayer. Pity SNK games just do not play online at all, maybe they'll get that cleared up.

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Indiana Jones! No I'm just kidding, Star Wars.

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That's pretty awesome, loving the 16 bit pokemon theme the most though.

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Sounds like the kid had the right idea, am I wrong people? 
In all seriousness that is absolutely horrible, it sounds to me like this child had some serious mental issues that should've been brought to the attention of a doctor.

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I think the question might be more along the lines of "is anime popular in the west?" which it is. It's entirely likely Microsoft just thought Halo anime would be cool and it doesn't really have anything to do with actually trying to appeal to their Japanese audience. It could also be an attempt to sell the Halo universe to a Japanese audience through a medium they'll accept.
Whatever the case I highly doubt Halo enjoys much popularity over there.

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It looks pretty dumb and it's playing on a loop in every Gamestop I go into, that gets on your nerves after awhile.