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I should start the Dan fan club.

But anyway I wasn't at all fond of Rufus, but I'll admit you definitely put it in perspective for me. He is quite a powerhouse though, I'm still not fond of fighting him, he just has really strange and unpredictable attacks and they're so fast. I dunno, he's like some sort of overweight biker ballerina.

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^^; you kinda can't really avoid it. It's unblockable and since it's a special move it doesn't count as a throw so you can't throw counter it either. For Seth it's harder to say because he likes to teleport around like crazy and grab you out of that, but the best strategy is just to jump away from him as best you can until he stops teleporting. Zangief's a little bit easier, the best thing to do is just keep poking him with heavy kicks and jumping away before he can grab you (and that's a tiny window you've got there), then maybe when you see an opening go for a more devastating attack.

In the end though just doln't worry, Zangief's generally considered a very tough character to beat and Seth's the final boss, so they're both gonna be hard. Take your time learning a strategy for them and remember to never stay still.

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The thing is, a lot of the best turtle players are good at attacking, then getting right back on the defense. I'm personally not great at dealing with them, but a lot of characters have moves that allow them to somewhat dodge projectiles, like the hurricane kick or Cammy's spin knuckle. You could use one of those moves to surprise them and get in close for a throw. Something else I heard which I wouldn't reccommend as a tactic, but I find kinda funny, I read about one guy who used a taunt on a guy, which instantly made him stop turtling and go crazy, allowing the other guy to win.

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I don't mind Seth too much, Bison was cheap back in the day but facing him 1000+ times has got me wise to most of his attacks. I maintain that Gill is the cheapest Street Fighter boss, he's faster than Seth and his resurection move/his super that fills the entire screen are just wrong.

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I sometimes use this tactic but it can be pretty easilly countered, you just get up straight into a special move, for example I use Ken's shoryuken or Cammy's cannon drill, they break focus attacks no problem. I also consider going straight into my ultra if it's charged. Don't think of it as the opponent getting you pinned, think of it more in terms of the fact that they just left themselves wide open. 

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Why doesn't it make sense for Ryu to speak english? His best friend is american and he travels all over the world, I'm sure he knows plenty of languages including english. I think it makes more sense for the characters to be speaking english than japanese, especially the ones who really are from english speaking countries like Rufus, Ken, Cammy, Balrog etc... Anyway I like the voices for the most part, only Akuma bugged me, he just sounds too over the top.

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Wow someone needs a life badly. Though is it just me or does he sound really bored in this video, like he's showing off, but at the same time going "oh god did I really spend my money on all this?".