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That would be kinda awesome, but I have no idea what they'd talk about and they probably wouldn't appear on the normal bombcast anymore, besides I'm willing to bet they do too much work as it is.

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 No, really. He's serious.
Took a while to choose a caption.
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@GetEveryone: Apologies gents, my wireless internet has died and thus PSN and XBL are no longer availiable to me, Sleepy won our practice matches by a considerable margin so I have no problem handing the win to him, if that's not acceptable feel free to have someone take my place. With any luck I'll see you in the next tournament.
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Not too interested in most of these, Mass Effect 2, Tales of Grace, Bayonetta and Metroid are high on my own list though. Interesting experiment, I would be very curious to see if things have maintained their position by the end of the year and if anything's been replaced by a different game.

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don't think my computer can run it, I already own it for PS3 and 360, but I just bought it anyway... what does that say about me?

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If you're intent on playing both I suggest playing VII first just because it looks quite a bit worse, it might be hard to play VIII and then go back to VII's graphics. Other than that I think VII is the superior game, it's also a bit more of casual experience if you don't really feel like messing with all the junction crap that was in VIII.

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Wow, just a tad excited huh mate? I want it, but I don't think I'll get it on the release day, not really because I'm taking a wait and see approach, just because there's a bunch of other games I really ought to finish first. I'm into it's crazy style and stuff like Devil May Cry though so I fully expect to enjoy it.

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@yeahno: I certainly will, thanks.
@skippyscissors: Yeah, I remember that being one of my absolute favorite pieces of music back when I was younger and I absolutely love the sequence in which it takes places. Man I wanna play Final Fantasy IX through again now.
@rhodric: oh wow that's a great piece of music, I really ought to actually finish Chrono Cross, it's been years and years since I last played it. Yeah the intro to WoW is good for sure, I myself was actually thinking of tracks from the Warcraft II soundtrack but your idea's good too.
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There's no doubt, the MGS series has a certain brand of crazy that most certainly isn't for everyone, if you can't get into it it's probably because you didn't play the other games in the series. I will however argue your points on it's quality, it is an incredibly well made game, if you don't like it I'm afraid it's just because it's not for you, don't try to blame it on anything else.

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That's impressive, it is one hell of a sale though, I'm not particularly surprised for some reason.