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@Stang: Hey man just think, that guy said you were one of the best Kens he's ever seen. Perhaps you're considerably better than you give yourself credit for and I see you participating in bunches of tournaments, that for me says tournament level, even if it's still a low tournament level. It's always best to think, even the greats lose matches and even they make mistakes.
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That guy's got a beast of a Cammy, puts my own to shame I'm afraid. His Bison is indeed pretty weak, looks like he's not had much experience. Your game's strong Stang, I'm not sure why you feel you need tips, you clearly owned the guy.

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@Stang: ah but then I wouldn't get to face you in the final
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oh god, fighting Shadow first? guy looks like a fucking beast.

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My sister-in-law's been going on and on about eating turkey once for thanksgiving and then again for Christmas, she also thinks it's pretty stupid. Personally I think there's very little point in thanksgiving, it's pretty much Christmas with no presents and no fun and they're right bloody next to each other, but then I wasn't raised in this country so maybe I don't understand. We had turkey for thanksgiving so I expect something along the lines of ham or lamb for Christmas.

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@lordofultima said:
" @Stang said:
" @lordofultima: You know I will give you a clean fight! Too bad you are always playing something besides SF and you live a vampire like life style. "
I actually woke up at 8am today, so will probably be going to bed around 11 pm or midnight tonight. Of course that's just to cover up my vampire ways. "
That's funny cause I on the other hand stayed up till 5am last night just playing matches over and over, made my bloody hands ache. 
On the subject I actually only played one player match against a guy who played ken or something till i beat him, then he switched to Gouken, turns out the guy's pretty good at spamming fireballs as long as he has a character who can throw them at different angles. On a side note aswell, I am really sick of hearing gouken shout "Hadouken!" his voice grates my nerves.
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@oldschool: yeah, it's actually a pretty faithful 1-1 remake of the original on the Famicom aside from an early tutorial sequence which arguably has the most story in the game. Really it's a pity they didn't add the second chapter they created from the first time the original Fire Emblem was remade, it seems like a waste.
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@Symphony: ah yes I'm with you on that, it gets pretty boring. I once fought 130 matches of DOA2 in a row with a friend, never wanted to play him on any fighting game ever again.
Personally I'm hoping to go up against you and Stang.
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@Symphony said:
" If we still need another competitor, sign Jlrm01 up (that's also his gamertag) it just better not be him vs me first round. "
Everyone seems to have built up some good rivalries here. Would this be out of a fear of losing too early or having an awesome climactic showdown too early?
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good to see Fire Emblem on there, it wasn't as good as the GBA games but it's nice to see it gain some recognition.