Characters I hate

Normally I don't find many excuses to hate a character, but sometimes whether by accident or design I find that I just can't stand a certain character.

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Posted by MrCellophane

Who ever looks at Lara Crofts FACE?

Posted by stafax

I don't see how you got Wario on this list, but no Waluigi? Come on, Waluigi has to be the dumbest name ever, and it doesn't even make sense.

Posted by kj_maxim

I'm sorry , but I'm slightly had to disagreed with you about Vaan. But Seymour I do agreed.

Posted by Leafhopper

If thats the case why isn't Martial Law and Fei Long on here if you dont like Jann Lee

Posted by madhattervx

I'm with you on the Vaan thing...and I hear you about Lara too. I owned and played all of the original Tomb Raiders, and I agree that she is tired. This new reboot looks hopeful though. :)