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Ken should have gone on to form a feature film animation studio. The parts of Infinite that dragged it down was the gameplay being shoe horned in. He wants to tell great stories with beautiful visuals, there is another medium where he can do that.

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I think they will go the other direction, with the Alphabet and release Pokemon Double U for the Wii U. A traditional Pokemon RPG for the console, the fourth in the X, Y and Z series, and focused on two player doubles battles using online and/or the Gamepad.

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@Phatmac said:

I will still be the last man on earth that thinks that Fuse will be fine.

I, also think it will be great fun. May not sell well, but thats up to EA, critics and consumers.

A lot of people see the style change to less exaggerated and are ready to lump it in with MoH? Really? It will be heavily rooted in the Sci Fi shooter genre still. And it has a focus on 4 player co-op, though every shooter seems to be doing it many of them do it as an addition or afterthought. ME3 did 4 player co-op wonderfully, and that was as a distraction. Insomniac knocked the co-op in Resistance 2 out of the park and this is their chance to give it a real focus.

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Playing it solo just now it was pretty good. Imagine it will be great couch co-op. The humor and aesthetic is really paying off for me. Also the little love letter to 80s games stuff. For example, if you come across some doors that remind you of a Megaman game, you know what to do.

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Man I like MK but love DC. So glad this is not a cross over and builds on the excellent MK 9. Go ahead and continue making characters spiritual successors to MK characters though. Kabal is fast enough that they can make the Flash feel just about right.

If they cram this full of features like MK9 it'd be awesome. Most of all they have another opportunity to tell a great fighting game story really well.

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Man holy shit I knew Free Radical had a rough time but when you really lay it all out there like that those poor blokes. A little bit a hubris coming off of GoldenEye but the best intentions all the way getting them kicked around to every developer and shat on a little more each time. Then twice in the future more GoldenEye branded games pop up and ruin their shit or crush their hopes.

The saddest part is now they are Crytek UK, which is fine, but they are working on Homefront 2. Crytek give these guys TimeSpliters 4 to work on to boost their spirits then let them do something original.

I was so hoping Insomniac would have been the ones to pick up Free Radical. They would have meshed well with the independent environment and the tone of the games they make I bet. Resistance kind of picked up the Timesplitters torch.

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Patrick, if you say "Perhaps most surprising is that 10% of Sword & Sworcery's profits came from sales." it doesn't mean anything surprising to the reader unless you mention where the other 90% could possibly come from.

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Yeah, gotta save those missiles for helis and nukes if they may be around. Also keep in mind which cars you like for locking onto them, Outlaws alt destroys talon.

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Sorry for using Talon in a 3 man hunted match, it was fun and I didn't go hiding. Man this game can be fun at any level of players.

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And voice chat is disabled with custom music is on. The default soundtrack is great, but if I am going to maybe be leaving the menu on for a while I want some variety.

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