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@rjayb89 said:
 Vida Guerra
Christ on a bike
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Because hey, what this guy wants at this point? More Quake

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@teh_pwnzorer: So it was a pathetic attempt to look cool by knowing something. AWESOME
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@teh_pwnzorer: Seriously even with spoiler tags there's totally no need to post that. That seems to just be 'I KNOW THE ENDING SO I'M GONNA SAY IT FOR THE SAKE OF IT'
A lot of us have already beaten the game too, but don't put it in one of these threads cos we know some people are too curious not to look at that shit. Why take the risk?
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@Jeffsekai: You were lame as hell and you should feel bad, Sir.
Although if you'd done it to one of the Giant Bomb crew it would've been mad hilarious
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@cronox2: dude YES. That was so awesome. Even Ryan(?) called it Daigo-esque.
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The story gets absolutely balls to the wall insane. Personally, I think a couple (and only a couple) of the late story twists can actually be considered truly inspired. One in particular (and anyone who has beaten the game will know the one I mean) literally made my jaw drop, because I didn't realise the people making this game were clever enough to do it.
On the other hand, there are so many goddamn bullshit things that happen in the late game, and it totally ends up feeling like it is written as it goes along.
And I hope you don't consider this a spoiler, but I know Jeff cared about it, they don't really explain the zombie stuff. I mean they kinda do? But it's totally unsatisfying, and throws up a lot of questions. The late reveal of the Raincoat Killer in particular is such utter bullshit, when you think about all the times that you met the RK in the game and then relay that to who it is, shit makes NO SENSE.
As someone said though, for its jankyness, after all is said and done you won't be left hating the game, because the plot is that interesting and weird.

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@Ghostiet said:
" They could just name a secondary character Charlie Tunoku. "
This is exactly how they would do it.
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