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you know patrick you and i have similar stories. fantasy bored me but fallout 3 won me over and i am way too excited for skyrim.

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I should really get around to playing that copy I have of the first one.
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Wow an thats the first thing you see in the game, talk about first impressions.
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Its been said but the town of Andale. Locked the kids in a house and proceded to whoop some ass around town after I found what was in the basement. Also this elderly lady who sells items said her son was fishing near the start of the game, near the end of the game I stopped by to see her son and a group of bandits shot her after eating a meal she had cooked them.
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looking foward to this one
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Consider me impressed. The game looks way good visually and control wise. The setting is what really is tweaking my interest. I dug watching the falling buring bodies and the studios vison of Dante's hell, the poem depcits some very visual and graphic images. Some of my favorite were the people stuck upside down in tubes with their feet on fire, wating for another poor soul to push them down further (I think they were Popes). Not sure how I feel about coming across mythical charcters in Hell... there could be some pretty cool encounters.
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Only Charon was with me, had to go to Vault 101 to get Dogmeat back
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I bought all five, still awaiting my code
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Very cool, would like to see some more studio tours Vinny.
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Just finished the game and really liked the ending. Was hoping some impressions of the DLC would have been up here.