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I'm pretty sure the ballot box is, but I'm not sure when the next election is....

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@JackiJinx: Sure!  Hell, if I were you, I'd vote on making yourself staff...  It seemed to work well enough for me...
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@Lies: You're not wrong in your intuition.  When I said content there, I intended to include news articles there as well.  It's really strange.  It totally works locally.  (I make a new newspost, and I get the quest when I post in the comment thread, but it doesn't seem to be triggering on the live site...)  No idea yet why this might be.  When I'm done with the next quest evaluators, I'll take a look into what's going wrong.
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@JackiJinx: @FluxWaveZ: @LordAndrew: Yeahhhhhhhhhh I don't think I'm going to get rid of the Staff-to-All-Users buffer /just yet/...
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@FluxWaveZ: I have no idea what you're talking about.  *smirk*
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@cide: I'd be interested to see a current movie where the users and staff have been talking...
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@woodelf86: I can see why people would think it totally doesn't matter, and that there's really no reward to it, but that could change in the future *cough cough*...
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@LordAndrew: Even entirely server-side games have executables compiled for whatever server they're running on, the vast majority of which count as PCs as they're x86 compatible... 
Personally, I'm a fan of the 'if it's big enough for a user to put the time into adding it, and it IS a game, it should be in."  That's certainly not going to be every browser game out there...
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@Rallier said: 
Open the gate to one browser game and you can't really stop the flood of shitty games from being added. Some specific rules that would filter out the more interesting browser games should be made though.
Since when does a game have to be 'not shitty' to be added?  I mean, we have a whole MESS of Hentai games here.  You really want to defend the premise that a game has to be good to have a page here?
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Not that I have talked about it with any one else on the staff side, but I'm actually kind of shocked we don't include browser games.  It's a video game, regardless of interest, or the fact that the platform isn't 'traditional'.