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I think it looks kinda cool?

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Amazon things!

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Subsidized Xboxes?! Goddamn waste of taxpayers dollars!

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This year's 'show' was a lot less offensive then years before at least.

Keighly didn't lie in that regard. Was it still bad? Sure. But it was better.

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Lol nominating GOTYs before all the big games are out. Keep it classy VGAs.

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I'm not a lawyer, but I took a business law class a year ago. The teacher specifically said these clauses almost never hold up in court. They are just more of a deterrent to get people to think before sueing. But if you have a legitimate reason to sue, the clause will do nothing.

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So I went to and cancelled my subscription (temporarily, don't have the money to renew atm).

However, when I go into my billing history, it still says:

"Your next subscription charge will be on Sept. 20, 2011 for $49.95."

How do I know my cancellation actually went through? (especially since it keeps letting me 'cancel' over and over)


using Firefox 6.0.2 and Windows Vista.

EDIT: problem solved. I guess it just took awhile for it to go through.

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Q: Do I have to cancel my annual subscription before it auto renews if I don't want to be charged yet?

(I plan on renewing, just not immediately)

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Great decision. Too many other hot games crowding the Fall.

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EVO for me. Love watching SC2, but haven't been following it for a long time so I'm kind of out of the loop.