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Sure, I could remove it and wear what I assume the game wants me to but where's the fun in that?

It sounds to me like that would in fact make the game more fun. It's much like why I don't like most New Game Pluses, because running through a game on easy mode with OP gear is usually not that fun.

If pre-order bonus negatively impacts the experience I won't use it. I mean, if it ruins the game, why would you?

That's true. I honestly started the thread because in most cases you get a few stat buffs or whatever. In Toukiden it just seemed like a larger issue to me with how glaring the difference was between the base armor and the bonus stuff. I mean we're talking a defense of either thirty or so compared to two hundred and ten or something like that. There was really no way to tell until you equipped it either.

As for why I still use it, well, I'm a vain gamer and, to my eyes at least, it is one of the coolest looking armors in the game. That's uh...that's the best excuse I have.

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Didn't the pre order bonus for the first Dead Space include the best suit in the game? Or at least the suit with the most inventory slots?

Someone actually already covered it I think but all the games in that series did something along those lines. You're right though because I remember the PS3 version of the first Dead Space game having a suit available that just straight up made you much harder to kill. I think it was black with blue to match the Sony colors and the Xbox 360 one was white with green. They both just turned you into a juggernaut though, at least in the first few hours before you upgraded anything.

@adequatelyprepared: I remember that PC version of DS2 being insanely easy with all that stuff included. I think it had a modified version of the line gun too that was far too powerful to be balanced. Was fun though since I had already beaten it regardless. Honestly I think the most fun I had with that game was hearing my buddy tell me about all the times he tried (and failed) to beat the "Hardcore" difficulty setting. There were many broken controllers, I can tell you that!

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Kingdoms of Amalur springs to mind. I don't remember it clearly enough to give details on the equipment, but I know that it made a large chunk of stuff I was picking up obsolete. Even worse, it dictated how I built my character. I also remember wearing the Dragon Age armor in Mass Effect for a long time.

Xenoverse also had some OP equipment - the gold and silver Saiyan armor. Thank god those just looked downright atrocious, I didn't even think twice about not using them. Still, they were leagues better than anything I saw for a long time in that game.

Why does that sound familiar for KoA? Wait, do you mean those Mass Effect looking knives that the rouge could use? Yeah I remember those! That did make the first few hours feel like a cakewalk. Actually, now that I think of it, Mass Effect itself had that Dragon Age stuff ("Blood Dragon Armor") that buffed your defense for a while too. Man EA loves doing that stuff, forgot all about that! And what, no love for the insanely bright DBZ armor? For shame sir or madam! For shame! I think it was absurd too.

@zevvion: I see what you're saying. I stopped playing Skyrim for other reasons (It was launch, I had the PS3 version, it was crap, etc.) but even when the game did work, it certainly felt like it was giving me a list of chores over anything meaningful. Sure a large open world is great, but if I'm just going through the motions on ninety percent of the quests, each one often having little to no plot worth exploring, than why even bother? I'm being reductive, I know, but it does feel like games set up that way will always lean more towards quantity over quality. OR I'm still bitter about it being so broken but anyways...

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Sure, you could delete this if there already is a topic like it, but I had to ask: Anyone ever install/use a pre-order or other type of bonus item and have it just ruin how they played a game?

I ask because I recently picked up the PS4 version of Toukiden: Kiwami and got a few random bonuses for buying it on launch day from PSN. You know, cosmetic stuff mostly. It did, however, include a set of armor that put the game into easy mode: Yamato's Armor. I went from having about thirty defense to over two hundred (not counting when it's upgraded)! Now I just kind of stand there and not worry about whiffing on swings because of it.

Sure, I could remove it and wear what I assume the game wants me to but where's the fun in that?

Anyways, just something I was curious about considering how many releases have bonuses these days.

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The (now official) trailer looked amazing, just like the Human Revolution one did. Now I'm starting to get hyped already...good! HR was definitely a great game so I say bring on the sequel!

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Was no fan of Bowling but I hope everyone gets a secure job in the aftermath of this. Never good to see this kind of thing happen, especially at such a relatively young company.

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I think this is better PR for Ford than MS at this point. After Forza 5, and that horrendous "You'll never escape us asking for money on every screen" interface, I'm out of this new one until it drops to about half off. It was a good game at points though, just not good enough to excuse that marketing nonsense that was all over the damn place.

Not that it matters really, it does sell well all the same. Sadly...

More Important Note: That new GT looks pretty sweet. I like the new style Dodge Viper better, but still a nice looking car (that ninety percent of us probably can't afford).

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This is it ladies and gentlemen: The future is now!

Excellent close of 2014 and bringer of 2015 GB crew. All of this stuff has been great!

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Wait, you're leaving? That is the scariest Scoop of all!

Good luck out there Patrick and know that we're always watching out for ya! Always. Watching.

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I despise Vivienne; just outright hate her character. Bad for her I guess but kudos to Bioware for making her so...polarizing. She just seems like a hypocrite to me. Between her and Sera, it's become a battle to see who annoys me more in that game.

That being said - Apparently they are both extremely powerful if built properly so, jokes on me I guess?

I usually just roll with Varric, Dorian and Blackwall these days...

Are you me?! Because we share identical relationships with our party members and roll around with the same party.

Vivienne is, as described by one of your other party members, "a bitch, and she knows it." Not sure where all the love comes from. Yeah, she's a strong female character, but so is Cassandra, and she's not a total asshole. It's not that I have a problem with strong female leads, I just have a problem with shitty people, and I feel like Vivienne is a hateful, annoying, rude person. Her gender and race doesn't matter, I would hate anyone who acts the way she does.

Some folks just like people who act high and mighty I guess. As for you and me though? I guess we'll just roll with people who at least pretend to get along!

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@neozeon: well dont speak too soon cuz you about to get like 5 renditions of Xrd... XX had the original, #r, Slash, AC and AC+R

super psyched though and very happy to see them embracing the fgc in their trailer.

Very true but I avoided those too. Actually maybe not, I think I have a psp/vita version kicking around somewhere...the one where you can play as Justice and Kliff. Other than that though? Nah, hope to just pick up one version.

Personally I think buying every version is insane but if the community supports it than at least we know people are enjoying it right? Maybe? I hope...

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I'm guessing I'll be playing a lot of Guilty Gear Xrd Sign instead, but I'm glad that there is a sequel coming. I'll wait for the "final" version though. Not going through that super/hyper/turbo crap again. Had enough of that in the nineties.