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Picked the game up today for the Xbox One, figuring that I could rock some co-op on the couch with a buddy or two...only to fire it up and find out that there is no split screen multiplayer.

So, points to Rebellion for a fun collection for a good price ($40), but shame on me for not reading the back of the damn box. It is fun though, even in single player.

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Razer products have and will always be overrated. They're the Beats Headphones of the PC Hardware world.

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@monkeyking1969: As I understand it, the watch is just a digital watch. The display is a little more "fancy" than most I guess, but, yeah, just a watch. The armband is probably the cheapest item in there and I doubt it is anything more than a hollow shell with a logo and a little compartment inside. Could, maybe, be sturdy enough for an MP3 player or something though? Not sure, just trying to justify the thing to myself over here.

@baronsamedi: I think people are against most CEs because they often do feel like needless cash grabs. Not that I'm going to mock anyone for how they spend their cash, but some of these sets are just art books and a poster or map for a significantly increased price. Companies do seem to put more effort into them these days though.

@playwitjay: Glad you were able to snag one of the CEs then! I missed my shot but I'm sure f I really want it bad enough, I can drop stupid money on EBay or something for one. I'm with you on the game though: I really do want those systems they have in place to work out. The only thing that's worrying me about the game is that recent talk of Team Killing during the extraction process. I know it fits into the world, but the anger at making it all the way through only to have someone turn on you and steal the loot will probably be the type of legendary that gets Youtube rage videos going.

@humanity: I can practically guarantee that the second sweat touches that watch, it stops working. That Batman CE you brought up made me think of the one for the Witcher 3.

@capum15: Reach, along with ODST, were actually my favorite games in the series. I was never a big fan of Master Chief, but the Spartans in Reach? Great design and characterization! Well, that and Reach's last level! Loved it. As for the collector's editions, I don't really get them anywhere near as much as I used to because they honestly take up too much space. That being said, I am all over the Just Cause 3 CE. It comes with a grappling hook man!

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As someone who thinks that Arkham City and especially Arkham Knight were almost hilariously overrated, I gave up some time ago on a populated city being in the cards. It's a good idea in theory, but with the way people seem to play games, any person who isn't a main character becomes either a collectible or a plot device and nothing more. While I did enjoy what Watch Dogs tried to do, it too became a victim of it's own ambition and pushed so many people into the world that they began to repeat far too soon. That's speaking in terms of both design and, most certainly, the voice work. A lot of the spoken dialogue overlapped for me in that game, often causing me to hear the same canned discussions about driving too fast or parking dangerously close to their precious curbs over and over again.

Though you already mentioned it @austin_walker, I also enjoyed what Witcher 3 did in creating a world that felt large and, more importantly, lived in. Even some of the missions in Novigrad went to unexpected places that really had me thinking. In fact, even over thirty or so hours in, the one that always stands out for me is the very short quest in which (actual side-quest spoilers below)...

Geralt stumbles upon some humans harassing a female elf, calling her the equivalent of an untrustworthy hooker and generally being terrible people. You chase them off but she just mocks your efforts, saying that you may have pushed them away for now but "what about tomorrow or the day after that? Where will you be then?"

It was a genuinely surprisingly thing to hear, especially from a character that you presumably never come across again...

My rambling aside, I do still hope that worlds become more fleshed out in the future. I know the tech is there and we really should be using it for more than making the rain on Batman's mask look realistic. Great article Austin, hope to see more from you soon!

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Like a few of the folks here seem to, I really enjoyed Spec Ops so I hope Yager move on to something better and don't get closed down because of this. I just can't understand why someone over at Deep Silver didn't realize that the two games (Dead Island and Dying Light) would be competing with one another. Well, that and why they even started work on a Dead Island 2 to begin with: They never seemed to work right and forcing more multiplayer into a busted game series didn't seem like a good solution.

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I'm actually really upset I couldn't get the collector's edition of this game. I planned on getting the PS4 version, since that is where I usually get my multiplayer on, but it's sold out already for that system. For those who don't know what's in the CE, check this out:

I know, I know, that armband will break in a day and artbooks are PR speak for easy pack in, but I really like the design of the set for some reason. Also, though it's likely to be made of some of the cheapest material ever and not last a week because of it, the look of that watch is pretty cool to me. Does it make me crazy to want this thing?

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I give WB credit (and I use that term very loosely) for being up front and suggesting the refunds. As for people immediately raking Iron Galaxy over the coals: For shame. I find it doubtful that it was all on them. I see it like this:

WB: Iron Galaxy, you're doing the PC port for Arkham Knight.

IG: Cool.

WB: You have a month before launch, delays aren't allowed. Get to it.

IG: Fuck

Granted, it could be they just dropped the ball, but considering how most ports seem to be handled these days, I doubt it was all down to one developer messing up.

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FF8? That is a shock to see people put it mildly. I thought I was the only person who liked that game. Guess it suffered the sins of coming after the "amazing" Final Fantasy 7 (<- I hated that game, still do). Good luck with it.

Never saw Kill la Kill myself. Most recent anime I've seen (and actually enjoyed) is Akame ga Kill.

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So, wait, the studio behind some of my favorite fighting games is able to make more brawlers now? This...this is awesome guys! All over it.

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@pozo: I would be down for just about any other company/publisher going for a new engine but not Bethesda. Not a chance. I know it would make the graphics better but I've just been burned by them too many times to trust them with any tech anymore. Here's hoping it comes out alright this time around but I'm going to stay far away until at least a few months out and the actual end users have taken a crack at it. Definitely feel you on their game design. I played far too much Oblivion myself but it did become very predictable as each quest would show up and play out exactly as you expected.

@geraltitude: You were lucky then but I'm with @humanity on this one: Having to have back up saves as a usual tactic for a Bethesda game says more than you probably planned it to. Not saying it's a bad idea if you need them, but requiring them is never a good sign. Still, glad you didn't encounter any problems in those games: you're lucky!

@excast: It may have caused developers problems, but that far into the cycle, and having released a bunch of games for the system by that point, they should have had a handle on it by then. Sorry, I just heard that excuse too many times while struggling to play Skyrim. If they charged for it, it should work. No excuses. Here's hoping FO4 works for you folks but I'm gonna it this one out till I know for sure it actually works this time around.