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#1 Posted by NeoZeon (184 posts) -

Well, lesser of two evils and all that. Still don't see Twitch lasting very long as a site people rely on if they keep those audio modding rules and the like

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There are quite a few, some of which don't hold up now that we've all become super jaded to most of the industry's tricks I would imagine. I'm also gonna break it down into a list or I'm going to ramble more than I usually do (Now that is a frightening thought...)

  • Resident Evil (PS1 Version) - This isn't to mock the gamecube version of the first RE game, that is a classic all on it's own, but I mention the PSX version instead because it was the first RE for a lot of us. The classics are all there. The dogs through the hallway windows, Forest getting up after you find him pecked to death on the balcony and so many more. It's atmosphere may have been a little off to most people, but when it set out to make me jump; it usually did.
  • Clock Tower - Yep, Clock Tower. I make no apologies for this entry: Dude with huge shears chasing you through a tower? Seems pretty damn creepy to me. Having played it recently though? Those controls are garbage. Total, utter, trash. Seriously, look at that controller and tell me it looks fun to use. You can't and it isn't! Anyway - I should also admit that the concept probably scared me more than the actual game did.
  • Dead Space 2 - While I enjoyed the first one a great deal, DS2 is where it's at. You take a protagonist who is showing serious signs of trauma from his past experiences, and force him back into a world that seemingly only he knows but can't control. It gets heavy handed at times and that last boss is tragically dumb, but it built a great atmosphere for me. An almost perfect mix of playing as a powerful character in a world that is equally dangerous.
  • Silent Hill - The first and the only one that matters in my mind, SH1 was (and still is) a great game. We all probably know by now that the fog was more a graphical power thing than purely for atmosphere but damn did it work on me. Couple that with the sudden screech from the radio as you got close to someone and it was pure, terrifying, gaming magic to me. I'm sure it doesn't hold up now to certain peeps, but man was it a blast for me to play.
  • The 7th Guest - Sure, it's an adventure game, but it had a great atmosphere and, as you probably noticed, that means a lot to me. Honestly, since I played it over a friends house at the time, I barely remember it now, but the game certainly freaked me out enough to remember it.
  • Clive Barker's Undying - It didn't run well from what I recall, but those that title alone screamed scary to me. It was really just story driven tale of ghostly violence, but it had the right feeling to it all the same.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some but that's really all I have right now. Maybe the rest are hidden deep so I don't dredge up nightmares? Or maybe I'm just getting old...anyway, fun topic, thanks for starting it!

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I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been posting much despite how long I've had the account (So I may be a little off base for saying this), but I do agree with some of what the OP is saying. That being said though, this site still provides me with what I feel is the most "true" gaming package that I enjoy. My phone and my data plan may hate it, but GB just feels like a place that lays it all out there. Sure, some of that is behind a pay wall but is it being there really a surprise to anyone? It's a video intensive site, as you surely know, and it's staffed by people from all over the place. Personally I'm amazed it took this long to be offered with a premium membership option.

You may not like some personalities on the site and that's obviously your choice, but one way or another, those very personalities make this site what it is. Ryan is sadly gone and that took a major toll, no one would (or should) deny that, but this site is still one of the most honest, entertaining places to go to and enjoy that I have ever stumbled on in this big old internet. People may be moving around, studios popping up on the east coast and all that, but I see it as a good thing. Progress here, even if it's in a way some may not like at first, is better than not changing anything around at all.

Not trying to attack you or anything; just trying to say that the changes around here may be more beneficial down the line than you realize. I say that with no idea what they're secretly planning at GB HQ, but it will be fun to watch play out all the same.

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I'm going for the PS4 myself. Random (and pointless) fanboy system love aside, I doubt much will be different between the two besides the "exclusive" content.

The same content which is mentioned in the newest trailer with this caption under it: "Exclusive until at least Fall 2015"

Not much of a deal breaker to me but to each is own I guess.

Long story short: I'll be rocking a warlock on the PS4. Maybe I'll see you on there!

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So I'm gonna go cancel my preorder then. Could really use that cash back to be honest.

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Sony's logic here is just, well, odd. If they hadn't felt the need to make a statement on this then no one would have had to hear this frankly stupid comment. Make no mistake, I love me some Playstation, but they shouldn't push it. This sounds a lot like the arrogance from the PS2 days and that terrifies me.

I could also say that the PS+ numbers had to go up because we need it for MP now, but folks covered that already. In regards to that, I blame MS and the people who blindly support them. I would like to think that if Xbox Live hadn't existed, then there wouldn't be yearly fees at all.

It's a moot point I know, since surely someone would have done it eventually, but, screw it, let me ponder dammit!

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I actually enjoyed the multiplayer in the first Homefront quite a bit, but obviously I'm the minority on that one. I just hope the developers are doing alright: This sounds like a mess in just about every way

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How do you explain the rising sales of vinyl music?

Hell if I know. I still don't know how people even play the music they buy on vinyl. And I know somebody who owns a vinyl record.

Wait a second, what's Valkyria Chronicles doing at the butt end of that shelf? Are you just throwing DVDs and what have you all helter-skelter across your shelf? Show some pride. Alphabetize, son!

Actually just picked up an Ion USB turntable so my mother could get all of her "classic albums" from her youth onto a hard drive before the vinyls crap out. I don't have much love for the format, but the technology to move it from one generation of media to another is oddly interesting. She plays it through the computer speakers by the way, another odd blending of tech I never expected to see.

Oh and I'm with you on getting all the shelf order done by letter. Makes it easier to find stuff, at least for me. I thought everyone did it that way

#9 Posted by NeoZeon (184 posts) -

Nice to keep seeing these peeks behind the GB curtain Patrick. Glad that, recent hard times aside, it's been moving well for the crew. I'm looking forward to some quick look solos with someone else along for the ride as well.

Crusader Kings 2 though? You are a brave man to try and tackle that beast

#10 Posted by NeoZeon (184 posts) -

Sounds like a killer plan to me. Hit the site from all angles and have some content coming from multiple times zones? What's not to like?

Better get some GBNY shirts or something though - It's all about the merchandising small business man!

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