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Nice to keep seeing these peeks behind the GB curtain Patrick. Glad that, recent hard times aside, it's been moving well for the crew. I'm looking forward to some quick look solos with someone else along for the ride as well.

Crusader Kings 2 though? You are a brave man to try and tackle that beast

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Sounds like a killer plan to me. Hit the site from all angles and have some content coming from multiple times zones? What's not to like?

Better get some GBNY shirts or something though - It's all about the merchandising small business man!

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Delicious Double Post (actually about the game this time!):

So long as they don't go the idiotic route of Far Cry 2 and make me run back every half hour to get pills or something, then I'm all for this game. Had a lot of fun with FC3 and, of course, Blood Dragon, so here's hoping it will be a blast.

Speaking of which: I'm going to guess that the villain here (if that is what he is) is going to have someone run through a live minefield at some point. I don't know why, it's just a vibe I'm getting from him.

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@vargasprime said:

No, that image isn't smart or subversive in any way. It's literally a rich white dude sitting on a "throne" holding a position of power/threat over a person of color. It is literally a representation of the status quo, it's not subverting anything.

Um, isn't he the bad guy? I think the idea is that I am going to subvert him, likely with an assortment of fully automatic weapons.

Weapons and equipped animals. Don't forget the equipped animals!

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Eventually I started screwing with the router, as I had hoped to avoid, and did the open ports dance. It started working again and it appears to be smooth sailing for now, which is good. How else can I get my butt kicked in Killer Instinct if I can't join a game?

It mainly annoyed me only because the first X1 I had had no NAT problems but then the replacement (a MS refurbished unit) started losing open status randomly. Maybe a conflict with the router and the new IP address? I don't know...

In any case, opening the ports using the numbers MS recommended under their support page AND selecting "Clear" under the "Alternate MAC Address" option finally got it back where I wanted it to be.

To be completely clear, only opening the proper ports on my router did not fix the problem. I also had to do the following after changing the ports in order to get my system back into Open NAT status:

Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC Address > Clear > Restart

Then it worked fine. Hopefully just opening the ports will work for you folks.

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I won't say the specifics for spoilers sake, but that last cinematic before the credits rolled (when you're going down the evil path) was amazing. There is little doubt: You are the ultimate asshole.

As for the game itself I just felt weak all the time. Having to evade that often, when the game doesn't exactly handle free-running very well, is a chore to say the least.

Possibly Spoilers:

- Both powers after neon are worthless. Actually even Smoke isn't that good come to think of it. Neon lets you run over obstacles, wall run, fire more precise shots and generally just move more efficiently. I know it's really a matter of personal preference, but having to deal with the game's shoddy climbing mechanic made me avoid every power besides Neon like it was the plague.

- Why can you not skip cutscenes? Why I ask you? Maybe on the first time through I'll let it slide since it's supposed to be all new for you, but the second time? In a game that blatantly tells you to play it again? Pain in the ass. The only reason I can think of is because it is loading in the background. Still though - BS.

- I had hoped, for one glorious moment, that I could make it through a day without hearing a Nirvana song (It's played during the end credits). Sure it's a cover and, yes, the game takes place in Seattle, but damn man I hear that shit enough as it is. Some day, some day...

- That Karma system? Still dumb. Is a company ever going to get this mechanic right? Meaning, shades of grey not just black or white? I hope so; it is a good idea dammit!

Yeah...those were mostly complaints. I did like the game despite my problems listed there. Guess I just expected more after the hype train came roaring through.

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@mb: According to MS, after the X1 does a network test, all you have to do is hit a few buttons at once and it attempts to reset the NAT for you.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it did get my nat back to open those few times. It didn't matter much since it would default back to a strict setting whenever I turned the system back on, but it did work at that moment at least.

I believe the "command" was to hold all shoulder buttons at once for a few seconds.

Realistically I expect that it just tells the Xbox to try again and maybe I just got lucky.

You're right though, the problem hasn't permanently gone away so it's time to dance with the router...something I had hoped to avoid having to do again.

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I'm having a similar issue actually. My X1 (which is an MS repaired unit; my launch one broke) refuses to load anything other than the main screen that shows what's in the drive and the most recently used apps. No pins to the left, no marketplace to the right, no nothing. As an added bonus it likes to lock me in a strict NAT type. I change it back to open and then when I turn it back on it is right back to strict again. Titanfall was lag central but non gaming stuff, like Netflix, worked fine.

I'm going to have to try and fiddle with the router I guess. I'm hoping that gets it going again since my PS4 and PC have no problems. If that has any effect I'll update this to maybe point you in a more helpful direction. Good luck.

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Well that's the end of that chapter. We had a good run guys, we had a good run...

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As one of the many people who got suckered into buying D3 for the PC at launch (and not being able to play it for a week or two because of it) I would personally wait till a used copy of the PS4 comes around. Assuming they don't pull some kind of "You have to buy it new to get everything" thing, it would be the best way to see if you like it while also not supporting something so clearly undercooked.

Then again, I'm obviously bitter so maybe you should just hope Olqavtoras is right and see if an announcement drops at PAX?

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