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I give WB credit (and I use that term very loosely) for being up front and suggesting the refunds. As for people immediately raking Iron Galaxy over the coals: For shame. I find it doubtful that it was all on them. I see it like this:

WB: Iron Galaxy, you're doing the PC port for Arkham Knight.

IG: Cool.

WB: You have a month before launch, delays aren't allowed. Get to it.

IG: Fuck

Granted, it could be they just dropped the ball, but considering how most ports seem to be handled these days, I doubt it was all down to one developer messing up.

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FF8? That is a shock to see people put it mildly. I thought I was the only person who liked that game. Guess it suffered the sins of coming after the "amazing" Final Fantasy 7 (<- I hated that game, still do). Good luck with it.

Never saw Kill la Kill myself. Most recent anime I've seen (and actually enjoyed) is Akame ga Kill.

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So, wait, the studio behind some of my favorite fighting games is able to make more brawlers now? This...this is awesome guys! All over it.

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@pozo: I would be down for just about any other company/publisher going for a new engine but not Bethesda. Not a chance. I know it would make the graphics better but I've just been burned by them too many times to trust them with any tech anymore. Here's hoping it comes out alright this time around but I'm going to stay far away until at least a few months out and the actual end users have taken a crack at it. Definitely feel you on their game design. I played far too much Oblivion myself but it did become very predictable as each quest would show up and play out exactly as you expected.

@geraltitude: You were lucky then but I'm with @humanity on this one: Having to have back up saves as a usual tactic for a Bethesda game says more than you probably planned it to. Not saying it's a bad idea if you need them, but requiring them is never a good sign. Still, glad you didn't encounter any problems in those games: you're lucky!

@excast: It may have caused developers problems, but that far into the cycle, and having released a bunch of games for the system by that point, they should have had a handle on it by then. Sorry, I just heard that excuse too many times while struggling to play Skyrim. If they charged for it, it should work. No excuses. Here's hoping FO4 works for you folks but I'm gonna it this one out till I know for sure it actually works this time around.

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@zeik: Very true. Guess all the excuses people had ready for Skyrim at the time when I couldn't get the PS3 version to even run for more than an hour just wore me down. Oddly enough, I never had many problems with New Vegas beyond load times being the usual "too long."

Guess I lucked out that time around. FO3 was a nightmare though so it balances out I suppose.

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Alright, we need to just address the elephant in the room: Is this going to be another busted open world game or not? If all they're doing is changing the setting and using a modified version of the old engine, I'm actually happier than if they started all over because that might mean a game that actually works when you buy it...

Full Disclosure: Every Bethesda game has been a busted POS at, and often for a while after, launch. No more free passes or "They don't know the hardware" (PS3 Skyrim says hi!) excuses. Make it work or no sale.

Harsh? Sure, but I can't be the only one tired of hearing undying support for a company that releases some seriously broken games.

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Personally, the small mention of genetic modifications (and Dat Snake Lady!) in the trailer has me hoping you get to splice your soldier's genetics at some point. Kind of like you could do with robotics/cybernetics in the Enemy Unknown expansion.

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@mb and @grtkbrandon: Yeah that just sounds like an absurd amount of money for just a monitor. I know, I know, you folks love and I don't blame you but that is well beyond my budget! Maybe with some overtime...maybe. I usually feel the GAS welling up when new consoles are announced but, luckily, that seems to be it (for now).

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Good to know I somewhat future proofed it without even realizing it way back in 2012...well, as much as you can future proof a PC I suppose. Thank you all for the advice! Looks like it's time for new ram and a beefier card.

@mikemcn: Yeah I never personally understood the desire to run it at insane resolutions. Sure, it looks nice, but to my eyes at least, it never seemed worth the insane cash required to do it. Not yet anyways.