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@jericu said:

This has to include things other than emotes eventually, right? Otherwise why make a new currency when you could just release the dances as DLC?

This is Bungie (and Destiny more specifically) we're talking about here: Making new, unnecessary currencies is their jam.

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Admittedly, horror games aren't usually my thing, but I can think of a few that might be worth a shot:

  • White Night - This is at the top of my suggestions for personal reasons. I really dug the concept but never made it very far. Think I was still in a "Battlefield 4 finally works so I'm going to only play that!" phase. Shame.
  • Dead Space 2 - I know, the first game has a better atmosphere to some, but the sequel really nailed it for me, like when You return to the Ishimura. Holy. Crap.
  • Until Dawn - I don't really consider it a horror game, especially as it veers hard off the rails at about the halfway point, but it sets a good mood to goof around in. Invite friends over to make the choices if you can get everyone together: It's a blast to see their reactions.
  • Darkwood - The wiki needs hardcore editing on it (which I do myself actually...), but Darkwood is one of the few games that genuinely stresses me the Hell out. It might not be a looker, being top down and all, but it creates a sense of dread I don't often feel in games. Every step, every creak as you explore a forgotten house. It just creates an oppressive feeling all around. A heads up though if any of you manage to get it: The controls aren't very good. No, I'm not going to use a Resident Evil style "It adds to the tension!" defense here: It just doesn't control well, full stop.

Think that's all I've got. Hope you check out a few, if you haven't already. There are some good suggestions in this thread!

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A random question about old tech, I know, but I've been wanting to play some real Capcom Vs. Snk 2 for a while now. This calls for a Dreamcast resurrection!

Basically, I finally cleared up enough space in my new place to have a shelf or two for old consoles, the DC obviously being one of them. Now, the problem is that the original A/V cable has vanished and never worked right with my newer LCD TV anyway. Clearly, I didn't expect the two technologies to get along fine, being so far apart and all, but I had heard folks talk about using VGA adapters/cables to great success on their newer TVs. Anyone tried this? It sounds like it would be a blessing since I could use the free VGA connection on my TV while also leaving a bundle of cables out of sight (The VGA hook up is on the back of my TV, the A/V and S-Video ones are on the side).

Best one I've found so far, review wise, has been THIS one, but that was only from a quick peek around amazon. Let me know what you duders think.

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@nime: Sorry, I should have phrased that better. I meant that it seems pretty messed up of them to release half the game and only give a ten dollars discount. Seems like Activision spitting in the previous generation owner's face at that point.

It was a little harsh to say there shouldn't be anything at all. Guess the barely discount rubbed me the wrong way.

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@liquidsnakegfer9: How is wanting the full experience on the console they own being "entitled"? It's not like previous console owners are getting a big discount for half of the game not being there.

Honestly, they should have just canceled the PS3/360 versions. It's not like Activision cares what people think after they get their cash anyways. Especially since there are hilariously overpriced collector's editions for the current gen versions of BO3 (Including one that comes with a damn fridge) that will make up any they lose from not selling on the PS3/360.

I am a little surprised about the way they did this. I had actually always hoped that the multiplayer would be separate, but considering their track record, there is no way the publisher would sell it for less than sixty bucks. They never even brought that free to play CoD online over here...probably for that very reason (Money, obviously).

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@darkeyehails:Not far from what I did actually. Recently made some lasagna and used a spatuyla to break it from the sides a little. The utensil was not nearly as heat resistant as I thouight. Had to toss some parts of the food because I didn't want folks chowing down on some melted spatula!

@sinusoidal: I tend to think I'm a good cook too, but I've certainly made (and will still make I'm sure) countless errors getting there! Also, I feel you on that blender. We had a knockoff Ninja one (with the two sets of blades, one on top and one near the bottom) that refused to keep it's blades mounted. At the slightest hint of resistance, that machine went rogue.

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AKA, Post Your Culinary Mistakes!

Not a tough one to follow but I basically made a huge mistake in the kitchen today and wanted to share the story to give some duders a laugh and also offer them a chance to spill it on when they may have committed a similar cooking "error". There, now you've seen into my mind so let's get this going. I'll start, of course.

Since I was a little kid, I always loved spicy food. Could be something as simple as a Georgia Red Hot hot dog to something nice and strong like a good authentic curry or a lovely Thai dish. I started looking around me to find some specialty food stores and quality hot ingredients and came up wanting so, in true "Act before you think fashion", I ordered some Ghost Pepper plants online, planted them when they arrived and had a quality harvest this year: 30 Peppers so far from one plant. Then came the crucial next step: Making my own hot sauce!

I was psyched and it was so easy to do (Not sarcasm by the way): Get your peppers, cut them up along with some onions and garlic and heat them for a few minutes. Then it's add water and simmer time before, finally, a quick stint in the blender with some vinegar before final draining and bottling. Sounds simple right? Honestly, yeah, it kinda is, but I made a crucial, crucial error...

I didn't have enough ventilation. At all.

Remember in Backdraft when that titular danger just swept through the area like it was nothing? Yeah, that happened here, except it was an invisible wave of vaporized pepper oil that attacked me like I owed it money. I can laugh about it now but we're talking my right eye sealing shut and just pouring tears for five straight minutes before I could open it again. That was followed by a coughing fit so crazy my neighbor came over to see what the Hell was going on.

So learn from me folks: If you ever want to tame the heat, buy a damn fan. Open wIndows ain't gonna cut it!

In related news: I want a Red Hot hot dog now...I never learn

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@rkofan87@ja-gooze: If you folks mean you redeemed it only on amazon and not the PSN, head to your amazon account and look for "Digital Orders" or "Digital Order History". The PSN code should be listed there. If you're talking about entering the code on the PSN and you just forgot to download it, head to the PSN store, go towards the bottom, select "Library" and look for the game's name. It will say if you have any add ons there and you should be able to download (or re-download in the future) direct from there. Hopefully that's what you folks meant, otherwise it may be time to argue with Amazon.

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@ian280291: Near as I can tell the game only saves after player choices or in set parts of the story such as reaching a new location or finding a totem. It doesn't have manual saves at all, just an autosave slot that you can't really access at all. Supposedly it's like that to prevent you from going back and making different choices if someone dies or you miss out on a clue.

If that is something you're set on doing, you can finish the game and it opens up a chapter select so you can change some choices without restarting the whole game.

Oh and, yeah, you have to use the "Close Application" function to exit the game for whatever reason. The game did just receive a patch today so maybe they added a quit option to the menu. I haven't been able to check yet myself. Hope that helps you out!

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Here have another one:


If that first letter isn't a "D" try an "O" instead, the rest should be fine. I seriously have trouble with block lettering sometimes...