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From someone who has played both. I enjoyed the original dead rising 2 better. But saying that, each game pretty much offers the same thing. If you enjoy just killing zombies on the cheap and don't care for story, the go with off the record cause its only 9.99 as of right now (like half an hour left). But the original dead rising 2 has a far better story in my opinion.

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I have been doing some research on headsets for quite a while now and have found to like the two headsets above. I am not sure which one to get because i have really no experience with headsets but i do know that turtle beaches are not that good according to my friends who have them, I do not mind spending the 300 dollars for Astros but i just want to know if they are worth the money. I am not looking to buy them so i can hear footsteps and all that bs. I just want something that will let me have a good quality sound that i can have as loud as i want so i don't disturb my house. I am open to other suggestions to headsets but would like to know if anyone purchased these headsets and their experiences with them. Thanks

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@icedturtle: I did read it but i tend to agree more with the users of the site
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Im kinda new here and saw the review for the game and was wondering what is so bad about it?