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I am still in awe after looking at the screen for 10 minutes.

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Nerdware - 360

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Honestly, a few spoilers is not a problem with me. To know big points of the game might make me interested enough to check it out!

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Looks cool.

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Did a couple of tests, and it turns out, Usain Bolt is indeed faster than the horses in the game. Thoughts?

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The funds. I currently do not have the funds to buy a Vita. If I did, I would but one immediately.

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I am not excited for this.

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Saint's Row: The Third. It has not left my PS3 in over a month.

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@Delta_Ass: Okay.  Thanks, man.  I understand.  Very cool.
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Hey Giantbomb friends.  So, I have been thinking about the Green Lantern lately, and I have one question.  When the Green Lantern makes an object with the ring, does it stay there forever?  Like, if he makes a food item and he eats it, will it stay there forever?  Can he make it disappear after he eats it, and will it be like it nevermind happened?