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Sounds like a very selfish decision.

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I envision EA as the World’s Greatest Games Company.

Woops sorry, you lost me.

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This game tech war is hilarious. I work in the office of a company owned by sony and we literally share a courtyard park between other buildings with microsoft in another building and valve in another building - all connected to the same park. All on the same city block.

I say we all just go out there with chains and bats and finish this thing off Warriors style and the winner gets to put all the good ideas into play on one console.

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Great, just in time to not use my xbox that much anymore.

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Gas the production team for all those shitty camera shots while game trailers and gamplay are on the screen.

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I went from having pretty high hopes about the Rift this morning to being 100% that this dude will do a great job and the Rift will absolutely succeed in a year or two.

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Just beat Tomb Raider, this makes me pretty happy.

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This is just fantastic. There's a horizontal seam in the dark area across his neck. I'm only being picky because I really want to print this out and have it framed in my office and/or future man cave.

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Great article, man. This whole thing reminds of the old classic Dave Chapelle vs Hollywood stuff.

I hope he takes a break, finds out how to grow a thicker skin and can shrug things off more, and comes back. Even if he doesn't, that's cool too. Unfortunately this shit has to happen for everyone to realize what a shitty place the internet gaming community is. In turn, things get just a little bit better when a bomb goes off like this.

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Sucks, but not really. Thanks for being up front with everybody and doing an all out refund even with the coupon codes.