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Firefly Meets Halo: Do the Shock Troopers Hit Their Mark? 0

The newest entry in the we-thought-it-was-over-with-the-third-one-but-were-wrong  Halo game continues in the only direction the narrative has allowed it: in the past (in this case, somewhere in the middle of  Halo 2 ).  For those of you confused by the title, ODST is Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, a group of elite soldiers who are shot down onto a planet by a ship in orbit.  But there isn’t much orbital dropping in this game.  In fact, you drop once, during the opening sequence, and the rest of th...

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We Love You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Beatles Rock Band is Compelling 0

There was a lot of anticipation regarding the release of the Beatles edition of Harmonix’s superior  Rock Band, and honestly, I didn’t get what all the fuss was about.  True, the Beatles as are big of a pop band as ever was or may even even be, but having everyone play music exclusively from one band for the entirety of a  Rock Band session (which can go for hours, with my friends) seemed tedious.  I wasn’t even that big of a fan of the Beatles.Well, I was pretty wrong.  After having played  The...

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A little imagination actually goes a long way 0

I almost didn’t get this one this game after being deterred by a number of game reviews.  Good thing I am not very good at paying attention to instructions, because otherwise I would have missed on a unique experience that continues to surprise and delight me.I’ve carried around the DS in my pocket for the past week, showing it to anyone I think might appreciate it.  I try to explain it to them: “You solve puzzles by writing anything, and it appears.”This description doesn’t work very often, so ...

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