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@flatluigi: Wait, what the fuck? Is Capcom making chemicals or airplanes or something? That was the least video-game-teaser-y video game teaser I've ever seen.

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Well this is just fine, because has Ubisoft made a couple of games, which I bought, which have been thoroughly awful ports and experiences through and through. I've already sworn off giving them money for another of their products until they do right by their customers with their user experience and port quality.

Thankfully, I'm not really in the market for their games due to taste. Brotherhood was the only Assassin's Creed I ever played for more than 3 hours, and lo, the formula for their games became extremely clear to me from the outset. I got bored of that quickly and never touched another Assassin's (or other post-Brotherhood Ubisoft game) again.

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@geraltitude: You can buy 'em outside of Steam, but not play them. Most storefronts provide a Steam key. All their Source games are deeply integrated with Steam.

If you want, you can buy disc versions of the old GoldSrc games (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic), but they'll all be pre-1.6, before all their engine optimizations and texture filtering.

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They've been hinting at a 2143 for a while now, first in the BF3 DLC, and now a full-blown BF4 expansion directly and deliberately tying in to it.

I'm hoping it's the game to restore my trust in them as a developer/publisher.

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The more I hear "cinematic," the less it actually means. It just rings hollow, and in the worst cases feels like damage control for unoptimized engines and/or bumping against console pixel-pushing limits. It's become this monstrously deformed PR buzzword that is on my blacklist of "this developer/publisher may be being disingenuous, regard with suspicion."

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How do you even exist for that long at a AAA studio and look that good? She's got the secret the Spanish explorers were searching for, because there's no damn way. Every individual I've seen who has lived in the grindhouse of AAA development looks and acts like they're dead inside. I met one girl who came in to talk about game development in a software class and basically emphasized to us that AAA is hell and her life is hell and nothing is worth it anymore and DON'T WORK IN AAA. I guess being in charge has its perks?

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At least they have a direction. Also, they told their audience something for once.

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WoW's world firsts have been at least this intense year after year, and the hardcore raiding community has been imploding due to burnout and hyper-competition, but only when Destiny comes along does Patrick see an interesting story in a world first?

I feel like Patrick should take advantage of his investigative skills and start searching for the fallen-out members of guilds like Ensidia and investigating how hardcore content that continually keeps improving still manages to lose tons of its most dedicated adherents. There's a story there that's way more interesting than this one.

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Indie studios do not dependably turn out hits. This is how any tech business is sensibly run: Either you make a game you can rely on to pay for the next game, or, if you end up with a massive hit on your hands, sell it for a huge markup (like 2 BILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS), run off with the money, and retire or open up another studio.