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Holy shit, this sounds so awesome in concept. Creepy paranormal occult experiments by the Nazis in big-screen form? There won't have been anything quite like it, and I hope they handle it well. With two protagonists, they have a chance to do something really special, and I hope they don't cheese it up with referential jabs and pandering.

Do what Return to Castle Wolfenstein was trying to do: Actually make a really creepy action-horror movie about two agents pressed for their lives in a crazy world of paranormal experimentation.

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@Terramagi: Maybe you can dig up some dirt on Mr. Washington to back up that snide sarcasm.

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@Animasta said:

I am american, and as Americans it is our duty to recognize that Washington was an asshole. yes, he founded our country, that's all well and good, but come on.

I don't want to assume you're as bad of a person as this statement makes you out to be, but I'll just chalk it up to ignorance

His military strategies put an emphasis on morale. He immediately resigned from the military at the close of the war rather than exercise any sort of control. He advocated US neutrality over holding grudges or immediately adopting stances that could threaten safety and stability in such a nation in its infancy. His dissatisfaction with the Articles of Confederation led to his spearheading the creation of the Constitution. His vehement disapproval of lavish royal titles for the country's elected chief executive and subsequent avoidance of the issue led to the finalization of the Title of Nobility Clause and the almost exclusive use of the simple term "Mr. President." The rest of the Framers simply assumed he would be the first president, and he was elected in a walkover. He served his second term reluctantly and refused a third. His final will freed all of his slaves.

There's a reason he continues to inspire people even outside the borders of the United States, though I'm sure you're unaware. Almost no revolutionary leader in history has demonstrated as much restraint and good judgment as he did.

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Oh lordy, I saw that price and my heart jumped. Is that really the significantly discounted MSRP now?

Talk about misguided.

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Hey, Blizzard. Get back to me when your great big ocean is no longer shallow enough that I can simply wade from one side to the other.

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And once again, we hit up against the walls of Sony's absolutely awful design decisions in nearly everything they do, specifically the split RAM pool on the PS3. I'd imagine that Cell is less of a problem for Bethesda. But knowing how the game handles certain assets dynamically and concurrently with world streaming and ability/item caching, it's a wonder they every got this game to work at all for PS3.

And, of course, you begin to think about the tradeoffs that could be made to improve this situation, and it becomes apparent what Sony's design decisions and the extended console cycle have done to screw everything up this bad. They could have specifically architectured the game around fitting within the PS3's piddly RAM pools, and lost some of the performance enhancements gained in the other platforms when able to cache world data and player-related assets. Or they could across-the-board reduce the LOD distance on the PS3, conserving memory and possibly increasing performance while uniformly creating a worse-looking game than either counterpart overnight.

It's a pickle.

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Wow. Mature and edgy shooter. Just what we needed. And here I was thinking that the first two games were colorful and charming, standing out unique in a crowded market.

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Is it just me, or does OSX seem to be significantly cluttered and busy?

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I like Battlefield 3, but I don't love it. It's missing the magic that had me glued to BF2 and 2142 for hours at a time.

The CoDified infantry combat definitely doesn't help. As awful as infantry combat was in those two games, it's incredible how fast infantry kills happen at long range in BF3, completely changing the dynamics of the fight. Weapons get incredibly accurate with accessories, and optimizing weapons for full-auto dumps at 50+ meters is the norm, not the exception. The game feels like a completely different beast to that core Battlefield combat that could have worked well if simply polished to a shine.

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Here I am hoping that another Walking Dead property can handle Daryl and Merle as deftly as the show does, and make an experience focused on them interesting and introspective into societal paradigms in a post-apocalyptic world, but what the fuck. It's Activision. If the game's going to sell, it's not going to do any of that.