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@Vorbis: Oh god, those costumes are fucking awesome. Why didn't I see these? Planetside 2 was the one game I was paying attention to the most, but whoever designed these costumes deserves some serious props.

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@PrivateIronTFU: We want to know the upper limits of what it's capable of. We want to know the profit margin on each unit produced. We want to know Nintendo's entire strategy moving into the next gen, and the Wii U specs will say a LOT about that.

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Fucking everything. Cover-based. Fast action. Cinematic sequences where "gameplay" becomes more of a joke than an actual thing. Quick-time events fucking EVERYWHERE. What the fuck happened? It's like they're not even trying to hide the fact that they're grinding these games through truckloads of focus testing anymore. Hell, Splinter Cell: Blacklist practically plays itself.

Well, at least I know I won't be spending much money on games this year. Because fuck that.

Edit: I meant third-person shooter, sorry. Terrible mistake.

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@SUPER_5ONIC: Just FYI, nowhere NEAR everyone in Asia watches anime. Scratch that: Nowhere NEAR everyone in Japan watches anime.

And don't tell me I've never been to Japan, because you'd be dead wrong.

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Ya'll better be using that funky-ass beat for the intros that you used last year.

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@flufflogic: More like Nintendo E3 Bingo.

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@Gizmo: So, Chafee and his re-election campaign in the next few years?

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How the fuck do you take a bet on a game that needs to sell three million to BREAK EVEN with taxpayer money? 38 was utterly idiotic for buying Big Huge, and Rhode Island was downright deadbrained for giving the thumbs up on this loan.

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@dvdwalker8: The damn game runs on a toaster. You have no excuse.

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Absolutely gorgeous. Now they need mechanics to back it up. Some people have been asking to combine all the elements of today's specialist MMO's into one great game. Something tells me 38's financial woes won't make it the studio to do that.