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Holy shit. $212,851, and every few minutes I refresh and see an extra thousand or so tacked on.

This is fucking incredible. I knew people wanted another classic adventure game badly, but who knew Double-Fine's strenuous publisher relations had such a profound impact on what they ended up making?

Iron Brigade did well, Stacking did well, Costume Quest did well; I guess, finally, somebody sat down and said, "You know what? Who cares if we're a AAA creative studio? Publishing deals haven't always been the best for us. Let's just ask for our fans to invest."

And baddabing baddaboom, the new business model is born. Independent investment from privately-owned firms (Mojang), and crowd-sourced investment from people who actually want the products. I dare say it's Double-Fine's destiny.

All we ask is that Brad Muir make more games about love.

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This is, like, 95% politics, 5% video games.

Great job, Klepek. That Reddit mentality is showing itself in spades.

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Assuming the OS is relatively open, the potential for homebrew and indie content is fucking staggering. Imagine the awesome games we could get out of this.

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@Oddoboy: Nope. Definitely nope nope nope. STALKER achieved levels of atmosphere, immersion, and occasionally challenge that few shooters today chase. I still have yet to play a modern shooter with such a sense of place. People didn't love STALKER because it was a fantastic shooter (it was simply okay, mods were its saving grace); people loved it for the lengths it went to pull you in. It leaves a real impression.

I've got an entire set of friends who are 24/7 console CoD and Battlefield players, a few of whom experienced STALKER at my recommendation and were effected by it enough to consistently quote its funny lines and set up an entire airsoft game mode based on and named after it.

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Ubisoft has such inconsistent PR, and their various contributing studios seem to have such shoddy management of this game...I don't see much coming of this other than more DRM and harsh words from Ubisoft after it tanks on consoles and finally gets a PC release.

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@TentPole: Yeah, fuck da big corporate cronies, dey da problem wit everyting in da world, stick it to da man.

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From incredibly simple nature of those steps, it's definitely clear that save games are formatted exactly the same across all platforms, barring version discrepancies. Which makes sense, but it's kind of hilarious that it boils down to "Open the Flash drive and copy the save file." Sorting through directories on a console game disk and finding the copy protection files or ripping the soundtrack is probably just as familiar a process to many PC users.

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Guys, this story is everywhere. It's been re-imagined as a "visceral first-person shooter experience."  Based on XCOM's E3 demo, I can't say I have much faith in this one, either. I'm not dropping ANOTHER $60 for a shooter that looks like Deus Ex and plays like too many other games I've played to death.

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What I wanted: I nice run-down on the financial gains and market flow analysis resulting from this investment. 
What I got: Same-old marketing bullshit of "Helping developers discover, getting users quality content, blah blah, etc etc." 
Why the fuck do I even read these articles, anyways?

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