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I...what. This sounds retarded. A bunch of bros running around like maniacs bragging about their K/D ratio to anyone who'll listen. Aaaaaaaahhhh.

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Correction to the title, it's Perfect World. Funny how it's correct in the article.

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I'm playing Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on my PSP currently. I'm also planning on getting a few Final Fantasies. What does this mean about my attitude towards the system? I'm simply confirming that most of the games that will be remastered in this series were not meant for PSP, nor do they interest me.

I'm not getting Monster Hunter because that's not what I want in a handheld game. I'm not getting Peace Walker because that's not what I want in a handheld game. I'm not getting God of War because, again, that's not what I nor most people want in a handheld game.

The PSP failed to meet expectations in North America because it was marketed as the console in your know, the one that's in your living room that also plays and looks better in your living room. It's been such a success in Japan because they have a whole slew of Japan-exclusive RPG's and other tailor-made games that simply work on the system.

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God damn...first Eidos Montreal works Deus Ex: Human Revolution, then the Montreal studio begins working on Thief 4 as they wrap up Deus Ex, and now Square's letting Eidos bring back Legacy of Kain?

I think Square's beginning to realize how much of an asset Eidos is to their bottom line. Deus Ex: HR just might create a bump in their sales figures.

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Man, the buyer's remorse over the launch in this thread is ridiculous. Being on a college budget really forces you to think frugally, I would have waited a looooooong-ass time before adopting myself. But I won't, because I have zero interest in anything the 3DS currently offers or will offer in the future.

The hype was strong with this one.
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Klepek is awesome. You guys definitely beat Kotaku to the punch, they're linking here with a summary of the story.

Fucking brilliant. 

Also, beating a horse to death can only result in so much cash flying out. It ends at some point; they need another brand to take its place.
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The Chief would make a fantastic addition to the roster, SPARTAN-II's are known for their inhuman strength and unbelievable hand-to-hand skills.

Might I mention the time the Chief killed 3 Marines, alone, no armor, as a teenager immediately post-augmentation. He was himself shocked to learn that he had killed all three outright in the scuffle.
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SOCOM with zombies? Intrigued, I am.