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Call me a freak, but I was a heavy aficionado of the WoW movie scene back during Burning Crusade. Because of the copious amounts of raid and PvP videos I watched, I developed a solid taste in both melodeath and trance. When I hear certain songs which I still have on my Zune, I get really nostalgic for BC.

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I am also highly appreciative.
You know, it's funny...I'm a recent arrival to the site, and after much lurking and trolling on /v/, as well as subjugating myself to simply tolerating GameTrailers and IGN, I feel like I've finally found the place that actually gets it. Barely a couple weeks and the Bombsquad feel like family. Also funny: In the last half hour, I was curiously interested in the history of the site, and found out Jeff was "that one guy who reviewed Kane & Lynch on Gamespot." Then I read up on the founding of Giant Bomb, and realized that this is truly a group of people worth supporting. Excellent work.
Because I am currently in a state of clinical depression, what with finals, family issues, and my dorm environment not helping much to solve it, I find Giant Bomb's content (and Whiskey's content in general) to be wonderfully entertaining and mood-lifting when I'm feeling like complete deuce. I appreciate that.