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Klepek is awesome. You guys definitely beat Kotaku to the punch, they're linking here with a summary of the story.

Fucking brilliant. 

Also, beating a horse to death can only result in so much cash flying out. It ends at some point; they need another brand to take its place.
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The Chief would make a fantastic addition to the roster, SPARTAN-II's are known for their inhuman strength and unbelievable hand-to-hand skills.

Might I mention the time the Chief killed 3 Marines, alone, no armor, as a teenager immediately post-augmentation. He was himself shocked to learn that he had killed all three outright in the scuffle.
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SOCOM with zombies? Intrigued, I am.

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Eh? Eh?
I'm pretty sure they've looked at more boring games than this. Maybe Ryan just needs some time to push ahead, get an army, and find some neat scenarios to play, but everything I've heard says this is almost as perfect as remakes come.
Which is no surprise, considering it's built by the game's original dev team after years of modern experience.

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I'm a wizard, and that...fuck it, just take all my money. Fucking all of it.

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Want it. Bumping for interest. This looks like a fantastic relic of a foregone era, more than worth the time to explore.

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Sharqi? SHARQI?!
Where do I deposit all my money?!

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Quite a spread of Battlefield history?
Yeah, just Wake. The other three maps only appeared in BF2. Oh, actually, scratch that, Battlefield 2142's recent 1.51 patch features Karkand 2142.