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Human decency has a lot to learn from him.

Thank you for everything and RIP.


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Gunstringer - Dead Man Running => The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running

Microsoft Taptiles => Taptiles

(It's never actually referred to as Microsoft Taptiles, it was probably done as that because it was released for the Windows 8 beta at the same time as Microsoft Minesweeper, Microsoft Mahjong, and Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Oh, speaking of which...)

Solitaire Collection => Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Ascend: New Gods => Ascend: Hand of Kul

(Source: this and this)

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@tsubomi said:

@nes: Whitespace and newline problem should be fixed now.

Thanks! That glitch is fixed on my end.

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@tsubomi: Windows 7. Firefox 18.0.2.

The first time it happened, it was from a cached version of the old site (some changes I've made got reverted most likely due to migration).

The second time it happened, it was editor content from another page (had to open another window to attempt to edit a page, since when I tried to submit something, it failed and greyed out the submit button).

Just confirmed that copying-and-pasting from and to the same editor also causes this issue.

Also, something bizarre is now happening: the space character before and after all links in a paste have been replaced with newline characters. Example (straight-up copy and paste, this bug also applies to the forum post editor as well):

It is a remake of the

Halo 3



(itself a loose remake of the

Halo: Combat Evolved


Blood Gulch

and the

Halo 2




@ltsquigs: Nevermind about the third one. When I added Halo 4 back into the Halo page, it would show up at the bottom of the game list for that franchise instead of the top (since its the latest game in the franchise). It seems to be working now.

EDIT: Originally posting this caused the four sentences below "Firefox 18.0.2" to merge into one paragraph (with no space between the period and the character of the next sentence).

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So far I've encountered a variety of bugs (both annoying and kinda breaking) with editing the wiki:

- Copying and pasting content into the editor sometimes mistakenly removes whitespace between characters. For example: "this thread" becomes "thisthread".

- Making a successful edit to the Halo 4 page caused part of the Game Details section to be blanked out. Re-editing those fields back in caused the OTHER parts of the Game Details section to be blanked out. I'd go into the new wiki submission history to check it out, but those submissions keep throwing up 500 errors.

- Adding new games to a franchise breaks the sorting of the game list.

- Shadows appear underneath transparent images. (Example: Rise of the Triad: Dark War)

- There are no more indicators that links in the wiki page are external links. I don't know if this is intentional or not. I'm not comfortable with the idea that someone could add a malicious link in a sea of safe internal links.

I apologize if a list of bugs is not the proper format for this forum. If it helps, I can update this thread if I find more bugs.

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The Daniel Pesina article is great stuff. Thanks for the link, Patrick.

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I could go for some Mass Effect: Wing Commander (with an optional "realistic flight sim" mechanic for the GB Flight Club). Hell, Wing Commander III and IV remind me of Mass Effect in so many ways. (And let's not forget that a certain voice actor had previous experience with the franchise)