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DmC was a hard game to place. As a Devil May Cry sequel it was torn apart for not being hardcore enough, but as a Ninja Theory game it was easily their best effort to date. The game had problems, being way to short for example, but you can't deny it had style. I still really want to see what they would do with a sequel.

Edit: What are the chances PC users will get the update for free?

It being NT's best work to date isn't saying much considering they weren't exactly known for top-notch gameplay in the past, just some decent narratives elevated by amazing mocap performances.

As for whether PC users will get the update for free: I'd hope that they'd do it, but judging from how other companies often charged for updates like these recently, I wouldn't put my hopes up too much.

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@sydlanel: Anything the jilted lover had to say that has anything to do with journalism (a single digit percentage to be sure) has been proven wrong, and resoundingly so. Anything the jilted lover had to say about his or his ex's sex life is not germane to the conversation in any way.

He wasn't a jilted lover. He was someone emotionally abused by someone who has issues of her own that no one wants to bring up for fear of hurting a friend.

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Oh man. Can someone refer me to other videos (besides the Kinect Sports Rivals) where we get to see a Jeff facescan?

Try their video on EA Sports MMA

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That last weapon is perhaps the most notable among them, if only because it's the first weapon to allow players to negate a blue shell.

Actually, in Mario Kart Wii you could use a mushroom just before a blue shell impacts to avoid being hit.

He probably meant that it's the first item to directly negate the blue shell. Ie, actually destroy it before it destroys you.

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You know how people who don't smoke will sometimes say that they prefer the smoking section to the non-smoking section, because that's where all the cool people are? That's sort of how I feel about this topic. I don't necessarily agree with the things that the aforementioned Internet jerks say, but I find them to be much more tolerable than the people who think that Internet jerkaryis this huge problem that we all need to do something about. I put jerks on the Internet in the same category I would place a Justin Bieber song playing on the radio. Sure, it might be annoying, but ultimately it's not a big deal, and I'm probably not even going to think about it again for the rest of the day.

These people who talk about fighting online trolling and negative comments as if they're talking about fighting cancer are far more bothersome in my view. If there ever comes a point where the Internet has a jerk section and a non-jerk section, you'll find me hanging out in the jerk section.

Different people have different tolerances for different things. What's merely annoying for you is far more harmful for others, and much as I agree that sometimes the best thing to do is to tune out the haters, every so often the haters say or do something that really gets to you (general you). Furthermore, I'd like to think that the reason why you think this way is because you've never really experienced online trolling before, pointed directly to you rather than someone else (Note: I don't really know for sure, so correct me if I'm wrong); and the reason that people think otherwise is because they've experienced it firsthand, and it ain't pretty.

Nonetheless, some jerks have a point, just like many "anti-jerks" have a point as well. I make it a point to listen to the ones on both sides that have a point, and ignore the ones on both sides that complain for the sake of complaining.

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TB doesn't agree.

Hardly surprising. He can be a miserable fart sometimes.

He's called "The Cynical Brit" for a reason. Often good reasons.

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I don't understand when and how this game got so popular. It seems so stupid. Also I don't like that games put the simulator name on things that are not simulators. This is as arcadey as it gets.

It got popular precisely because of the ridiculousness of the premise.

As for the whole "simulator name on non-simulators" thing, I reckon that's part of the joke. This game seems like it's poking fun at the many "simulator" games that are buggy and act in unrealistic ways.

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A shallow and buggy Just Cause/ Garry's Mod with a goat. Seems people are easily entertained now-a-days. 1st time in a long time I can remember disagreeing with the GB crew on a game.

It's a dumb, funny game that is $10. Why even expect something 'deep' ?

Because it's possible to get a game that's better at being dumb and funny at the same or close to the same price (like Just Cause 2 and Garry's Mod)?

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"but you might occasionally wonder why it's a game."

This coming from Patrick Klepek.

The biggest champion of Gone Home on this site.

He said why it's a game, not is it a game. He might be implying that some of the game-y elements in this game bring down the rest of the experience in some way, and reading the review has confirmed those suspicions.