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So, does everyone hate watchdogs because it's not the best thing in the world? That's the only explanation I can think of. I played it, and I really like it. Sure it's a bit linear, and it sticks to a lot of the tropes of other sandbox games, but it's fun as hell. I'm seriously not getting why there's this big backlash against it.

It's the usual backlash against the hype that made the game look way better than it actually is.

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@l4wd0g: I think the word you're looking for is "parity," not "parody."

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@sammo21: I know what you mean, to an extent. 2/5 is perhaps a bit low for this game, but depending on how much the flaws mentioned in that review and other reviews bother others, a better score could be anywhere between a 3 and a 4/5.

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Glad that I don't give a shit about game reviews. I am a couple hours into the game and I am really liking it. There's also a trophy for not knocking anyone out or setting off alarms, so...yeah, no forced fighting. Guess people who don't like Thief games are given the review for a Thief game. "Awesome". Anyway, if you like Thief don't pay attention to the reviews.

Funny thing is: it's possible that some of these negative reviews come directly from Thief fans anyway. Which means Thief fans have a right to listen to those reviews to see if their concerns are valid.

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@nettacki: But that seemed to come about after everyone had finished it. I don't remember hearing anyone complain before that.

That's because people were too caught up in the hype to complain about anything. After the hype wave passed by, people started to really express whatever legit flaws the game has. Some, like TotalBiscuit, disliked the game since around release time, at least in terms of gameplay.

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Good on @drewbert for not falling into the weird backlash Infinite got, after everyone agreed it was fantastic.

That stuff is weird.

In retrospect, it's not all that weird, especially amongst people that value gameplay over a good story and hope for better integration of the two.

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@believer258: Metroid Other M is a Nintendo game and it has often been sold at bargain bin prices years after release ($5-10, depending on where you get it).

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@f1reflygr7: in that case: you're stupid and you're making mountains out of molehills.

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@f1reflygr7: we know that it's not all about gender and feminism, but we can't ignore the fact that it plays some part in the backlash alongside her supposed lies and all the other stuff. And if we ignore the gender and feminism and focus solely on everything else, we still don't think it's all worth worrying about because in the end, it's the decision of Inafune and his dev team to keep her around in the first place, which means we're better off trusting their judgment over that of anyone else at this time.