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My thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan's loved ones and to the GB community at large. Mr. Davis, thanks for all the memories.

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Dude, thanks!!! Hadn't even noticed those icons next to the mini map.  Now I can go back to sucking at SC2 as a Red Terran!

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Hello GB community! I have an issue when picking a team color during a multiplayer match in SC2. No matter what color I chose in the lobby, I ALWAYS spawn as green. It's a minor thing, but it's kinda annoying, since I really don't like the green color. I've updated all my drivers by the way.    Anyone else encountered this problem? Fixes? Thanks in advance!

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@Tennmuerti: Thanks! Just what I needed! Works great!
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Hey GB community! Just picked up this game on PC, and I have a quick question: is there anyway to set the control setting to allow me hold the zoom (LMB) for aiming and then letting go to back to hip view? I've been browsing through the menus and haven't found that option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx. 

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I just got the game last week and I haven't been able to stop playing (save for when I'm at work or something). But yeah, going online I've been my ass hand to me on a pretty regular basis, although I have noticed that people here in Europe don't spam Ken as much as in the States. I was almost always losing badly, then you sorta develop a sixth sense and a gradually started getting more hits and combos in, eventually the matches where tighter, then I even won a few rounds, 'til the point I've beaten a few people. So yes, practice helps. I do suggest practicing with other people, not just the AI (it's doesn't play realistically). My PSN name is neurogamer57, if any of y'all when wanna have fun nice friendly brawling, I'd be totally down with it. Great thread, GB community!

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Green Day are my all time favorite band, and I couldn't be more stoked!!! Anyone who seen 'em live knows just how much they can work a crowd, it's a phenomenal time! They really give it their all and there's hardly any barrier between both parties. I really hope the game captures some of that vibe.

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Really, this is utterly retarded...

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I'm a huge Star Wars geek, so when the prequels came around I saw them multiple times in the theatre:

Phantom Menace - 15 times! (I was in high school, didn't have much to do that summer).
Attack of the Clones - 7 times.
Revenge of the Sith - 4 times.

Crazy, I know...

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