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Maybe it was the pointy faces. There is something really off-putting about them.

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Some friends of mine recently picked up this game, and wanted a quick and easy way to install mods. So I have put together a collection of mods that improve the graphics and audio of System Shock 2. This package is intended to stay as close to the original look as possible, so you won’t find any mods in the pack that vary too far from how the game originally looked. This pack is intended to be used with the Steam or Good Old Games version of System Shock 2.

You can grab the mod pack, as well as a listing of which mods are in it, from here. If you use it, let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it.

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Thanks for watching. They are both from Stanton Sessions, Vol. 3. They happened to be around the right length for the amount of clips I had, plus I was really into that album at the time.
Oh and nice deadmau5 avatar.

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A little while back I decided to learn how to use Sony Vegas. What better way to learn video editing software then the create a Halo 3 Montage. This was mostly a learning exercise, but hopefully the result is enjoyable. 

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@kmdrkul: Vengeance by far was the easiest game of them all, and I felt like it did a reasonable job teaching new players how to play with the single player campaign.
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Those looking for an alternate download site can grab the game here. It includes instructions on how to switch to the new master server as well as optional map packs to download. Hope to see some of you guys and girls in game.

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Ken Levine actually didn't make these games, even though they are listed on his MG page (as well as elsewhere). When Ken was on the Gamers With Jobs podcast, he actually talked about trying (unsuccessfully) to get those games removed from his list . You can find the podcast here:

So please, stop adding them :)

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I had BBQ sauce on one the other day for the first time. It was absolutely amazing.