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iamsickofspam said:
"It sounds cynical, and i don't encourage or condone piracy, but its something that seems to go on in every major industry, i don't think it can be stopped completely, movies are pirated, clothes are counterfeited, music is pirated.

I guess publishers and developers need to reward or convince people to buy their product, special editions, better collectible cases and manuals might encourage people not to pirate it, i really don't know how it can be reduced though, i think its proven a good product that has sufficient marketing sells. its a shame that crappy products with over the top marketing sell far more than better counterparts sometimes, its a strange industry, but it seems to function much like the music industry, you have the casual mass marketed crap, and you have the true art that the connesiours know about

Gamers just need to support the industry and ignore the pirates, inform the casuals as often as possible about great games, convert as many people into hardcore gamers as possible.

Man this guy is a genius, his idea about better pack ins could actually make a difference to a majority of people...and we should try to support the pirates. QFT
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Honestly I think counter strike 2 makes the most sense, I doubt its gonna be with portal 2

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Whoah, I'll be sure to pick these up if I get Battlefield 2...too bad I can't find it for digital distribution

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chililili said:
"Ok what you say is true but I still support cracks and warez sites and I'll tell you two reasons:
1. Sometimes when you own a cd you download the crack cause you don't want to be carrying your cd case around
2. A game downloaded does not equal a game bought (some people whould not buy the game anyway others are buying to test it, etc.)

And I hate DRM a whole lot!

Also PC gaming is not dying don't believe the hype!
People just use those as excuses to pirate..but I do support Cracks though because I find it to just be a pain in the @$$ to have to have to keep track of all my discs and find them each time I want to play
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I'm really hyped for it and I just hope that people won't pirate the hell out of it

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roofy said:
"i'll stick with downloading them.

anyone want a blackcats invite?
You are the reason why PC gaming is being hurt and you should be ashamed of yourself...jerks like you are why we might not even get Crysis 2
Btw: my previous post wasn't deleted by mods, I deleted it myself because I didn't want to double post the same thing twice
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Does it really matter as long as its good

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I don't know if i would want it or not

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I love it, it's great fun for me at least

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I don't know, I guess PDF could just be cheaper, but personally I care more if there's some goodies on the inside like wallpaper to put on the walls

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