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They need more Muse. Especially with then harmonies and keyboards now, butterflies and hurricanes would be incredible.
 Also some Alexisonfire would be an excellent addition to the game. .44 caliber love letter or Hey, it's your funeral moma would a riot to play.

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At the GameStop I work at, you are able to pre-order the game (finally). The release date says it's available Feb. 2nd, which is definitely wrong, but it's nice to have five bucks on it to reserve.

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ahhh OK, that makes sense. Touché good sir.
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For unknown reasons, H.A.W.X. 2 for the PC has been delayed. It's original release date was set for September 30th, but Ubisoft is now stating that the game will be shipping out on November 16th. Ubisoft informed the user that had pre-ordered digitally either through their site or through Steam via email concerning the date change. Hopefully the reason for the delay is to remove the terrible DRM that Ubisoft seems to think is great.
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 Guitar Hero is now the first game peripheral to be accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. The Guitar that was chosen is from the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I do find it strange that they choose this version of Guitar Hero to be entered into the Rock Museum since there is no data or reception of this game yet. Personally I would've gone with the original version of the guitar from Guitar Hero 1, kind of like the kick off to the entire genre, but that's just me with my craaaazy ideas. 

 Kevin Curtis (KISS Fan) in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
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@Zajtalan said:
" map of the problematique "
^this. Best song by them.
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 A Map of the New Game Mode

     In the new multiplayer trailer showing off the two new modes being added to the game, at the beginning EA announces the open beta...for PC players only, sorry consoles. It launches October 4th and closes on the 7th, five days before the launch of the game. The reason behind the beta only being on PC is because they want to test and make sure that the servers are able to withstand max capacity of the players. You can get more information at the official website.   No word yet on where to grab the download of the beta, but twitter and facebook followers will know as soon as it's announced.

The beta will allow users to test out the two new modes Combat Mission and Sector Control.
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 FlingSmash Cover Art

GameStop let slip that there might be a new Wii Remote being release with built in Motion Plus. It will be release apparently with the game FlingSmash  No confirmation from Nintendo yet, but it looks like the real deal. Hopefully the pricing wont be astronomical, most likely it will be close to the same price as the previous remote and motion bundle. The game bundle seems set to release on November 7th.
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The Mario franchise is recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary, and to celebrate, you can get some free desktop wallpapers. There are only three up right now, but judging by the three other boxes that say "coming soon" I'm guessing more will be coming soon (it's just a hunch that I have). Grab your favourite one here. My desktop is currently sporting the red one, and it also makes me feel really old.

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Posted September 21st on Major Nelson's blog, news of choosing which Deal of the Week you want. It's is only available in Canada, the UK, and the States at the moment.
My vote is for 50% off Perfect Dark, what do you choose?

 Screenshot of the Deal of the Week Selection Screen

"Want to tell us what YOU want to see for an upcoming Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week? The next time you sign into Xbox LIVE, head over to the Spotlight channel and check out the Member’s Choice Deal Of The WeekPoll.* Here you can vote on what you want to see for an upcoming Deal. You can choose from Deathspank for 33% off, Perfect Dark for 50% off or discounts on select Dragon Age Origins, Trials HD or BF BC2 content. The winner of the poll will be a Deal of the Week in October.  You can only vote once per Gold Account, so choose carefully."
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