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@spoonman671: All good questions my friend. To be honest--everything happened very quickly. I knew the girl, we had met earlier in the evening. I am friends with her friends. Meathead wasn't drunk. I'm all for letting romances blossom, but this girl was really falling over drunk and her girl friends were trying to pull her back and the guy was trying to pull her away like some kind of bizarre game of tug-a-war (it would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic and sad). He was also pushing her girl friends. So based on what I saw, I stepped in and said, "Her friend's aren't going to let you take her home, so just stop." I honestly wasn't expecting a fight. Got sucker-punched by meat heads friends and then chaos ensued.

All in all, lesson well learned. People are shitty and dumb.

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@csl316: Agreed. Something positive came out of it after all haha.

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@nictel said:

As for explanation: "You should see the other guy."

Perfect. I'll use that one. Straight up lie but thanks :)

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@hatking: I have no idea-- I got thrown out by the bouncers. Apparently they singled out the bloodiest one and assumed I started it. So.god.damn.stupid.

I told the bouncers outside what was happening and they said they would go back in and check it out. I haven't heard from anyone. I assume her friends were able to get her out of there. If not, I guess it was all for nought.

All in all, it felt like a movie or a video game. I probably won't play that one again though. I was going to go rafting today but now I'm just going to hang back and rest my pretty face.

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Thanks for the small comforts duders. It's actually quite cathartic to read your responses. As for damages, I'm okay, I think. Just a pair of black eyes, a fat lip and a pounding headache. The concern is that I'm a working professional -- definitely won't look good at the office.

The girl was fall-down drunk, falling down on me and others. I'm friends with her friends and they had asked me to look out for her. I tried my best. When I replay it in my mind, I probably wouldn't have done anything different. I would have felt horrible if I just let it go without saying anything. I'm just shocked at how quickly it all escalated. I'm 27. I have no idea how old those guys were but they should definitely grow the fuck up. Seriously, who does that?

I definitely didn't see it coming. In fact, I was sucker-punched before I reacted. It was four meatheads all of whom were at least double my size (I'm not a huge guy--not like these guys). I only had one guy friend with me and a bunch of girls, the rest were outside. Both were shoved against the railings. I'm feeling pretty shitty today and thinking things over but honestly, I don't know what else I could have done.

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Club really…meat head was trying to take a drunk chick home and her friends were trying to pull her back (I know her friends). I stepped in and promptly got my ass handed to me by four roid heads. Not much of a thread but I thought I would share my first time experience with you duders. For those that know me, I'm a super peaceful guy. Came out of no where and now I gotta explain my face to work. To get involved or not? I feel like I probably shouldn't have but then again, I did what I had thought was right. Tough life lesson I guess.

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Just save up and buy both. It's not an all or nothing decision.

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@shinboy630: I would really love an Abra if you have any to spare. I've spent a few hours already trying to look for it after it teleported away. I want to use it as one of my mains. I have no idea how I'll ever find one with a modest nature.

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I just gone mine as well to play Pokemon and I'm also curious. I've been thinking Monster Hunter and Luigi's Mansion. But I don't know what else is good.

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Love it. So addicting. I've only had a good experience with it so far as I'm still pretty on so every pokemon I get is new. I just feel bad that I'm just sending Pikachu's into the trade but hey, I figure, a person can't really be that mad if they see a Pikachu!