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I bought the season pass. Yes, I know I am an impulsive idiot. I play pretty much everything in the series on release and I knew I would be getting both Dead Kings and China when they came out, so figured I would save a bit of money and get the bonus items for the main game. I have really enjoyed every game in the series, Ubisoft had generally earned my trust on the DLC front, in spite of the odd misstep.

I own Black Flag, Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4 already. I have no interest in The Crew or Just Dance 2015, I don't really play driving games much and I don't like any of the music in Just Dance 2015. I know Rayman Legends is a good game, but I really have not interest in it, and I could buy it brand new online for about 2/3 the cost of the season pass in the UK if I really wanted to.

I understand Dead Kings is going to be free to everyone. Is Chronicles: China going to be free to season pass purchasers also, and full price for everyone else? Or will season pass purchasers have to pay for China full price?

Because as it stands, if season pass purchasers don't get China for free, I have paid for the cost of a season pass and am getting a game I do not want and would not have purchased otherwise, and could have purchased for less, and a few throwaway bonus items in Unity. Which, given the cost of the season pass on the UK PSN store, is making me pretty mad.

Even if I do get China for free, I assume that its full price will be less than I paid for the season pass, which leaves me having spent money I would not have otherwise spent.

Note to Ubisoft: you've probably screwed yourselves out of me buying a season pass for AC5 next year.

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Ryan was a legend, don't want to face Tuesdays without his voice.

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Make it happen Blitz Games/Burger King.

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Kiefer did some voice work for an anime in the 90s called Armitage III iirc, he was not very good. I'm not particularly happy about this, I don't seem him putting in a Hayter-esque performance, I hope he treats the role as seriously as it deserves.

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I would sometimes check out his reviews when deciding whether to go see a movie or not. He was a great frame-of-reference and touch point for movies. Even if you often disagreed with him you could get a good enough feel for what he liked and disliked to know whether you were likely to agree or not.

His opinion on games was meaningless to me. Its like with my parents, I would not ask them for a critical assessment of a video game, or their views on the medium. They just didn't play them growing up, they cannot get their heads around games, they just don't get them. Ebert just did not get games.

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Very odd, mine stopped updating so I tried refreshing a couple of times and it worked for XBL but still no new trophies showing, so I tried removing and re-adding my PSN account and nearly 24 hours later it says it is still building and is 6978 in the queue. In all fairness my trophy list is stupid and loads noticably slower than it should on my PS3 just through virtue of there being so many game entries on the list. I am wondering if when the giantbomb site queries with the PSN trophy server, it takes so long that it times out every time? This has led me to believe that the server with my trophies is located somewhere in Kentia Hall.

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So I picked it up and right away just trying to download the installer when ESET NOD32 started flagging up that FINALFANTASYVII-dm.exe is a variant of Win32/Adware.Trymedia.A.

So Square's EU store is using an adware distributer for the installer. I keep my system clean, I am not going to start up this executable.

I also read varying reports about what type of SecuROM gets installed, and whether it includes a rootkit. Some people seem to indicate no problems, some have said that they have found SecuROM registry keys, that it stops AdAware from booting properly, that they cannot properly uninstall the game and that that they are getting hardware removal sounds appearing randomly for no reason.

I value the integrity of my PC higher than the opportunity to play this game legitimately, so it looks like I am not going to be replaying FFVII PC any time soon. I might contact Square about the potentially uwanted program in the installer, if I get time.

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@SomeJerk said:

This is one of the few game-related things that your Live subscription money goes towards.

So completely true, and one of the reasons I stopped my gold sub.

I saw a lot of conjection on RPS that the PC version is entailing additional development time because they have to redo assests higher resolution. Which seems like not the way this stuff is made, and still would not explain the PS3 delay. Bethesda surely made it for PC and down-resed it for 360? Unless part of the exclusivity deal with Microsoft was that they develop Dawnguard in an inefficient and backwards way?

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After reading I don't see this as a "rant" as much as it is a good explanation and reasoning for the way the Tekken's developers are having to deal with voice work. Persona 4 fans take note of the stuff about original actors declining work.