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@fluxwavez: What was only announced this weekend. Could be Xbone has not yet passed certifications in those countries.

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I call bull on the translation issues, seeing as the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries are ranked highest in the English Participation Index, but...

All listed "delayed" countries, except for Russia, have the most agressive stance considering privacy laws. In Sweden for instance, you can get fined for taking a picture in public.

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Call me crazy, but I bought a 360 for FEZ alone... I intended to play other games but haven't put more than maybe 12 hours into them, total.

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First time on hard just over 20 hours (kept dying/restarting encouters I should be able to fully stealth, didn't really worked out that well), than another playthrough on survivor almost took 17 hours, wile easy+ with collectibles only took 9 hours.

12-14 hours first playthrough on normal sounds reasonable to me.

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Probably Tretton, seems the most genuine.

Also, am I the only one that thinks Jack Matrick and Don Tretton are names that could have appeared in videogames?! Videogames!

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"If you want backwards compatabillity, you're really backwards"
"We have a device that plays all your old PS3 games... it's called a PS3"

But al Don Matrick jokes aside, BC is not available on the PS4, but they said there is a possiblity that they introduce streaming PS3 (or PS2, PS1 games for that matter) games through Gaikai and even bring that to the Vita. How this works they did not elaborate on. Might be streaming bought content is free for PS+ or as an added service.

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"xbox will launch in november..." few started clapping, "for 499", complete silence again.

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I'm afraid I can't help you any further about the html5 video not working, but with your other questions I can...

though you could try this, as it seems somewhere along the line your connection speed to giantbomb goes down:

1. If you believe you have more than enough bandwidth to view these videos you can help us out by doing the following.

  • Visit Run the test against a US location. Once done click on "share this result". Copy the link to the png created.
  • Run a traceroute to and
  • Send a PM to @mrpibb with this info.

On Windows: open command prompt and type "tracert" without the quotes. To copy the text right click at the top of the command prompt> edit> mark> select the text> right click at the top of the command prompt> edit> copy. Repeat with "tracert"

Mac/Linux: Open terminal and run "traceroute" without the quotes. Copy those results. Repeat with "traceroute".

1. Progressive doesn't allow skipping forward past the loaded part of the video.

2. For downloading the video's click the download button, then right click the quality you want and select "save as". When you actually left click the quality (which seems from your post you do) the video will open within Chromes HTML5 player.

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I wish I didn't... Somehow I occasionally find myself playing crappy games for the achievements and avoiding good games if they have very tedious/hard achievements... Even though my achiement (trophy) completion rate is only around 40%

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Not really anything special...

the most exclusive is probably a signed vinyl of the shatter soundtrack (0038/1000). For the rest I don't know... maybe the Pipboy 3000 alarmclock (don't even remember how I got that pile of chinese malformed plastic) and signed bastion soundtrack. Oh and just the TRI-fecta of pure shittyness in gaming: All three Zelda games on CD-I and as a bonus also Hotel Mario.

Outside of gaming though...

Very happy to own all three of the Lord of the Rings complete recordings (which is a rarity) and owning both the Alien and Predator dvd heads.