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I've played this solo, with the occasional splitscreen co-op, and loving it so far. Some of the equipment I have found are made for co-op play and they have me interested in trying it out online someday. I was really focused on the story up to level 20 but now by level 27 I could care less and I actually play with the sound off and read the text when I so please. This has not lowered my enjoyment of the game though! Still loving every minute of it. I even love stressing over choosing what equipment to sell or keep. Maybe try a few 'brief' plays with every character until you reach level 15 or so. Find out who you like the best. I'm playing as Zero, and as much as I enjoy playing as him I'd like to try someone else... Only I am too invested in my Zero character now.

So yea, try out all the characters before starting your first playthrough. See who's ability you would use the most and/or find most useful for your play style. (I usual play stealth in games that allow it...yet for some reason I do no use Zero's ability as much as I probably should)

And yea I realize I didn't really answer the question. I think.

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Not knowing a thing about future releases. In the Gameboy and SNES days I would not find out about a game until I saw it on the store shelves (usually Toys R Us). Also, without internet I knew nothing about the quality of games or other people's opinion on games... might not have been a good thing, but I kinda miss that!

And also as mentioned, couch co op/ multiplayer. Many games do support splitscreen but I wish it was more standard. I am soooo glad Borderlands 2 does! as well as Minecraft.

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My favorites, in no particular order

Break It Yourself - Andrew Bird (listened to this an unhealthy amount of times when it was first released)

Violent Waves - Circa Survive (not my favorite of theirs but damn good)

The Afterman: Ascension - Coheed and Cambria (just released and loving it so far)

The Idler Wheel... - Fiona Apple (admittedly have not heard every song on the album, but what I have heard is pretty freakin good)

Major/Minor - Thrice (released 2011 but by god I can't get enough of this album even still)

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Ace Attorney series, for sure. Preferably the Phoenix Wright ones, they have AWESOME music and strangely addicting stories. Oh and there are some simple game mechanics thrown in there as well.

I HIGHLY recommend Picross DS, one of my favorite games ever! I found it much more enjoyable than Picross 3D, which itself was also a great game. Hopefully nintendo will release the eshop Picross e in the states soon!

Last but not least, I HAVE to say New Super Mario and Super Mario 3D Land. Considering she hasn't played anything since the SNES days, I'm sure she'd like something a little familiar. Both easy, yet fun games.

EDIT: I just remembered Cave Story was on the 3DS (in multiple forms if I'm not mistaken). I've never actually finished this game, but I've played it many times on my PC and always thoroughly enjoyed it. I think your friend will enjoy the cutesy graphics, retro style, and the challenge as much as I do.

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As Max Payne I fell to my death. Damn nightmare level.

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I'll echo some recommendations-

Max Payne: replaying this on my crap pc and it's STILL a great game. I still laugh at Max's goofy grin.

Just Cause 2: This game is freakin fun. A blast to play, so much that I did so both on xbox and pc.

Red Faction Guerrilla: More mindless fun and exploding things. Get it! EDIT: OOPS I see you played it already.

Mercenaries 2: I have NO idea how the PC version runs so forgive me if it sucks. Despite it being buggy as hell on xbox, I loved it. Also I'm pretty sure it can be had for cheap- I got it for 5 bucks years ago.

Um, as for multiplayer, I loved and played the shit out of GRAW. It's kinda old, maybe part 2 has some activity online still?

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Just keep trying. I had to restart the program several times before it actually got past the patch installation

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Third and first person shooters, hell yes. Racing, meh I'm okay. Fighters... sadly I suck at them. Mario games, yes (but who isn't?)

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@gla55jAw said:

Heh. This made me chuckle.

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Whatever it takes to make the game the best it can be!

I'll find a copy of the first and play through it again over summer. I want to see if I still think it's as amazing as I remember.

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