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@alistercat: How is the keep? Are you allowed to talk about it at all?

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@wraithtek: Thanks for the tip!

Also, I think you can ignore what I said regarding the premium podcasts above, I just realized the ones listed on Feedly are older content from 2013, none of the newer ones. So I'm actually not sure how RSS feeds work with premium content... Maybe there are no RSS feeds for premium content?

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The premium podcasts have their own rss feed, you can also type in a site's url in Feedly's search and it'll grab all the rss feeds on that site (although I'm not sure if it finds everything). You can find the premium podcast list in feedly that way.

I don't know how it works with GB accounts, it seems like I can listen to them fine without being logged in on any of my browsers... @rorie is this something you guys need to worry about?

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If you know what you want to add to your Feedly list, you can just open up feedly and search for it. For example I just searched 'bombcast' in Feedly and added the Bombcast feed.

The orange rss buttons you see on most sites will return an xml file and your browser needs to have a plugin or a built in ability to parse that code and display it in a user friendly manner. If not then you'll see the raw xml code.

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I had this same question a while back, I went with the higher frequency. It is noticeable, but turns out not that many games support it, and those that do tend to be newer and require a beefy machine to be able to get a consistent 144 or even 120.

So I think you would get a more obvious/noticeable improvement more easily with the resolution upgrade.

EDIT: Oh and I agree with @CatsAkimbo about the color as well

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Congrats! After a couple of months I think I have just about recovered from Garuda EX. Maybe I'll finally follow in your footsteps and face Titan!

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@dusker said:

I really do hope I'm missing something, because P.T. has made me pissed off about its fan's inability to see it for what it is (remember: Patrick called it "brilliant"): a really confusing, shit puzzle game.

You probably already realized this by now, but what Patrick called brilliant wasn't the teaser game, it was how the game was used to announce Silent Hills.

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