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I had this same question a while back, I went with the higher frequency. It is noticeable, but turns out not that many games support it, and those that do tend to be newer and require a beefy machine to be able to get a consistent 144 or even 120.

So I think you would get a more obvious/noticeable improvement more easily with the resolution upgrade.

EDIT: Oh and I agree with @CatsAkimbo about the color as well

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Congrats! After a couple of months I think I have just about recovered from Garuda EX. Maybe I'll finally follow in your footsteps and face Titan!

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@dusker said:

I really do hope I'm missing something, because P.T. has made me pissed off about its fan's inability to see it for what it is (remember: Patrick called it "brilliant"): a really confusing, shit puzzle game.

You probably already realized this by now, but what Patrick called brilliant wasn't the teaser game, it was how the game was used to announce Silent Hills.

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Wait, so definitely not Em-oo then since that wasn't an option?

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@fobwashed: Thanks for the tag. I voted for navy heather and charcoal heather since I couldn't make up my mind. But I think I'll go with navy heather as my final answer.

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@big_mex: I just used the final guest pass key, thanks much!

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