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Legaia is one of my favourite RPG battle systems and has the oddest commercial to go with

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I've tried playing with the Xbox One d-pad with Killer Instinct and I can say it plays more comfortably than the Xbox 360 d-pad. If I had to say what the Xbox One d-pad feels the most like, its like playing Super Street Fighter 4 on the small 3DS d-pad (not the XL)

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And this is why I use adblock, so I don't have to deal with this garbage.

And that's why I subscribe, so I don't have to deal with this garbage.

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One more reason I'm disappointed with 3DS region lock. I'd love to play more 3DS rhythm games after importing so many on the DS.

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@naru_joe93 said:

Holy shit, new vita design? With LCD instead of OLED??????

Wait did they say LCD instead of OLED? Because if so....isn't that kind of a big downgrade?

The LCD switch is probably for saving space and that extra hour battery life.

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As cool as the new announcements are, the stage lighting is making the people look very depressed.

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Who the fuck told Nintendo that the clam shell (one of the best handheld models ever) was the issue with the 3ds? Seriously fess up.

I imagine stockholders. Fewer separate pieces means lower cost of production, meaning more profit for investors. And the club Nintendo surveys probably contributed to the 2DS with people answering "I don't use the 3D in the game".

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A quick Giantbomb Pit Crew 2013 logo from the store merchandise

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My rendition of Persona 4's Yasogami High School uniforms

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I'd love to see a quick look but I wouldn't watch it until I finish a playthrough.