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I'm guilty of this. So far I have three characters, all are around the same place in the game. The furthest is the pure sorcerer who just rang the first bell, a pyro who is ready for the parish and a knight who is ready for the parish. I'm actually contemplating starting a warrior or deprived, my sorcerer beat the gargoyles on his second try but I'm starting to see him having some survival issues in the future, not sure if he will pay off long term.

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Thanks all, sounds like losing out in the shotgun won't be too big of a deal.  I'm just getting ready to start Chapter 14, so far really enjoying this unusual experience/crazy story.
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So how important is the inf shotgun overall?  I have the inf SMG and after having two lockups almost to the end of this sidequest  I'm getting prett y frustrated.  I'm hoping I haven't completely borked up my save or something.   
Anyone else have trouble with this sidequest?

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@Newportdadde said:
"In the same boat here with the same error messages.  "

Just wanted to give an update that videos are now working for me in IE7.  I wasn't anything I changed so I just wanted to say thanks to the staff.  The videos started playing again for me yesterday afternoon.
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In the same boat here with the same error messages. 

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Hmm, I'll list three because it could be any of these.  Fallout 3,  Dragon Age, Mass Effect.

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Yeah that fight took a really long time, long enough my hands were getting sore from holding down the camera lock.  Keep at it, you will get through it.

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@Alex_Murphy said:
" @rjayb89 said:
Wow, that's kind of a big 'fuck you' to everyone else. I mean they must have told them to stand two feet behind her. "
Lol,  yeah I remember when this pic first came out.   I mean you can't even see 90% of the team and those that you can see a number of them are just standing there arms cross pissed off,  you can almost see them thinking.... "Yep Jade did it all I'm just a potted plant.".
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I beat the game with a 2H warrior and I'm going through now with a party consisting of Shale, Zev, Morrigan and myself a mage.  Mage is my opinion is many times easier then a warrior.  I use Mana Clash for an instant kill on any other enemy mages and with glpyhs(particularly the paralysis and repulsion combo spell) etc I have a lot of CC options.  I've found CC to be the most important thing in this game.  For damage dealing I use virulent walking bomb.  The only trouble I have had so far is against templars in the mage tower.

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@Meowayne:  Nicely done, very informative. 
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