The female protagonist make this game so much more enjoyable.

I did not like Persona 3.  
  I attempted to play through FES multiple times, but never found myself getting much farther than July before tedium started to set in. This didn't set well with me, as I fanatically loved Persona 4. So when I heard that Atlus was planning to port P3 to to the PSP with a number of sequel's improvements, I thought to myself "Aha! Is this my chance" to finally be able enjoy the game that so many others have lauded as one of the best RPGs to hit the Playstation 2? Well, after  reaching mid October and spending  a whopping 40 hours of my time, I can now say that yes I do like Persona 3 . Was it the new and improved gameplay that changed me mind? No. Sure the ability to directly control my teammates and the simpler dungeon crawling  was nice, but it wasn't what changed my mind. It was the new female protagonist who turned my around on this game. 
The ability to play as a female character didn't seem like such a major change to me at first. The story would play out the same with the only difference being you get sleep with all guys this time instead of all the girls. It was only a few hours in that I realized the folly of my assumptions. My heroine,  Suki Kyoshi, almost immediately presented herself as a much more likable and open person than the male protagonist ever did. The male hero always came off as distant, and always gave off air of  disinterest in the events occurring around him. Suki on the other hand, wears her heart on sleeve and is always energetic in her interactions the rest of the cast. The male protagonist would stand silently while a number lovely young girls poured out their hearts to him. Suki would stand up and  loudly proclaimed her love to Shinjiro to everyone else in the dorm.

Fun and Perky> Dark and gloomy  

Along with being a far more likable character, the female protagonist is also superior in her Social Link options. The female path finally gives you the option form S. Links with the male members of SEES. You can now eat out with Junpei, train with Akihiko, and even bond with the lovable pooch Koromaru. Though the two protagonist still share a number the same S. Links, even those still feel superior with a female touch. Former love interest Yukari and Fukka now take on a more sisterly bond that is still quite enjoyable. 
I'm still a couple months from finishing the game, but I highly look forward to the continuing adventures of Suki and SEES. Its still hard to believe that something as simple as adding an extra X chromosome to the protagonist could completely turn my opinion around on a game. I know that the game recommends to new players to play through as a male first, but I strongly disagree and would advise everyone to skip straight to the female protagonist.