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Docking points off Bayonetta 2 for it's "sexiness" is a joke. Nothing wrong with how Bayonetta is depicted because that's how Platinum Games chose to depict her. Let the artists make the art they want.

This is a very silly statement. By this logic no one can criticize any game ever because at some point a developer chose to make it the way it is. Criticizing Bayonetta 2 use of sex appeal is not preventing Platinum from making the "art" they want to make. It obviously cannot do that as Bayonetta 2 already exists. If artists are free to make whatever art they want then everyone else should be free to criticize said art however they want.

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@exfate: How is the media overstepping it's bounds? These people are merely giving their opinions as critics, something that they have always done, but now some are critiquing how games represent women as well. These kind of critiques have existed in other forms of media for decades. It's how we got concepts like the Bechdel Test and Women in Refrigerators. I would hardly say that every other form of media except games are horribly censored. And the games media is hardly and "outside influence." They've been here for years how can they be "outsiders?"

As for content that wasn't acceptable before, but isn't anymore: That has always been the case. As time goes on society's views on what is and isn't acceptable changes. Song of the South was considered perfectly fine when it was originally filmed, but now we recognize it as horribly racist. You may think this somehow stifles creative freedom and expression, but it doesn't, at least no more than it already is. Do think most games are these artistic expressions from singular auteurs? Hell no. Between huge staffs with wildly different views, executives trying to publish the most marketable game possible, and focus testing out the ass, you will rarely find a non-indie that has some sort of grand artistic vision. These kind of market realities sometimes even hurt female representation as in the case of Bioshock Infinite, where they wouldn't even put Elizabeth on the cover so as to appeal more to the dudebro shooter fan.

And you didn't answer my question: Do you think it is possible that some developers will actually agree with Anita's critiques and will make changes to the games accordingly? Do you think that is a bad thing?

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@exfate: Developers willingly attempting to portray women more positively in response to criticism is now censorship?

It's not done in response to just her videos. It's done in response to the large number of supporters she has, which happens to include a vocal group within the games media. So yes, it is censorship through shaming.

Explain to me who is being censored. Is Anita or anyone else attempting ban games that they think are sexist? Of course not. And how do you know that developers will only listen to her because of her large number of supporters? Is the idea that some developers would genuinely take what she says to heart that unbelievable? Is Neil Druckmann lying when he says that Anita has affected how he writes? And even if what you say is truly the case: Who cares? That's the free market in action. If there is a large number of people who want to see more diverse representation in gaming then that means there is a demographic that can be catered to.

Gamers are complaining about the decisions that developers make all the time. Are the people complaining about Destiny's non-existent story and lackluster mission design trying to censor Bungie? How is what Anita does different from what gamers have been doing for years now?

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@exfate: Developers willingly attempting to portray women more positively in response to criticism is now censorship?

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@exfate: The goal is for developers is take some of her critiques to heart when making games in the future, which some of them already have.

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@sylect: What extreme left? Leigh Alexander? Anita Sarkeesian? None of the things these people are saying could be realistically categorized as "extreme leftist." On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that #GamerGate has attracted a number of right-wing demagogues from outside the games industry to be their figure heads.

I think this image sums up #GamerGate pretty well:

Just replace Fox News with #GamerGate and add sexist alongside racist. No, not everyone who supports #GamerGate is bigot, but bigots will naturally be drawn to the movement.

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@cagliostro88: Fair enough, but considering Bioware's output in recent years I think the assumption is pretty valid. The company seems to have huge lack of confidence in everything they do now a days.

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@cagliostro88: Simply saying "Bioware" over and over again is not an argument. The fact that they have written well realized female characters in past does not mean that they are above criticism of how they represent female characters in their current games. Some one who has strong feminist leanings can still rely on tired sexist tropes. You can have well-realized female characters and creepy fanservice in the same game. It is not a zero-sum game.

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@teaoverlord: Ironically I'd rather not get into it right now. Like a lot of people have already pointed out in this thread, Games companies and games journalists have had a very layered close relationship throughout the past. The Jeff Gerstman controversy that led to the creation of this site is a perfect example. Recently, a google group mail latter between prominent journalists has leaked and it's contained some pretty damning statements. A full discussion I think warrants another thread or perhaps PMs later, I'm about to log off.

Jeff's firing from Gamespot is always brought up when the topic of corruption in game journalism rears its head, but people never really consider how the infamy of that case is due it being such a huge outlier. The fact that we now know that it was actually due inexperienced management more than anything else shows how a rare that kind of "corruption" actually is.

That mailing list discussion is hardly "damning." One journalist recommended crafting a support letter for Quinn in the face of all the harassment she was facing. Some other journalist agreed. Others did not. Nothing came of it.

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@tonch: That Kotaku article was in response to GamerGate people accusing Anita of lying about contacting the police over death threats. Kotaku investigated and found out that there was an FBI investigation into a bomb threat at GDC over the award they gave her.