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@usgrovers: I think its lame to become the leader of any guild because you're character is completely unqualified to lead any of them. My character showed up the mage's college and a few days later she was made Archmage. I was like "What the hell guys? I don't know how to run a university! Hell, I barely know magic because you guys saw fit to teach me like two spells over the course of this entire quest!" The fact that they just make you the leader and then allow you to go on your merry way is stupid to. If they are going to make me the leader of a guild that should at least come with some sort of responsibility.

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Of course it should've been KOTOR 3.

Did the first two sell poorly, or is this just a matter of EA being EA?

This might surprise you, but EA doesn't own the Star Wars license.
This right here. People seem to forget that it was LucasArts idea to make a KOTOR MMO not EA's
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I don't mind that was praised so highly, but was unhappy that there was no real deliberation on its #3 spot over Portal 2. The whole point of these podcast is to hear how they reached their winners, and for them to just gloss over what they think is the 3rd best game of year was unsatisfying.

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@themangalist Of course there are lady wookies. Didn't you ever see the Star Wars Christmas special?
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So what's the guilds policy on alts? Can we have any in the guild, and if so is there a limit?

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I think I might need to slow down a bit. I just got to Tatooine last night, and it was pretty much empty.

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My family has been using the same fake tree for about five years. I don't think I could go back to the hassle of a real tree.

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Just applied. Plan on rolling Gunslinger when the game comes out.

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This is why I bought Persona 2 digitally, so I wouldn't have to deal with this shit.

Anyways I wouldn't be surprised if we don't even get the transfer program over here because no one buys UMDs.

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Gravity Rush/Daze looks pretty cool.