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Hey @karsh there was a second patch to come out this afternoon v. Angry Koala 628

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Character names: Deercrusher*, Kernel Sigh, Orf-Smythe, Saltguard, Floraflor

*my main character

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i would say i suck but that would be giving me too much credit.

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i got the patch and i just got  another patch last night by far my favorite glitch is one i call "up in the air" were just after exiting my pip boy my character flies 20 o 30 feet up in the air and then slowly falls back to earth, it was the first way i got into the new vegas strip. 
p.s. also my ed-e my love mission is still broken... i have ed-e with me almost all the time.

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little big planet without sack-people that seems like it would be lame... also did the bike do a kickflip at the end?

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pre ordered the limited edition at gamestop already!!!! 

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where can i pre-order the collectors edition i cant find it any where?

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thats just the thing you guys don't get it is concept art not graphic images.