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Eh if you're buying from a UK games retailer but don't live in the UK I'm not surprised you've had delivery problems. I regularly buy from Game and they've always been fine.

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Oh Metroid Prime 1 is my go to game. Recently I've been thinking about getting Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii Emulator) just so I can play it in HD.

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Either Xbox or XBO.

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I'd love a Metroid Prime 4 or a Metroid Prime HD collection without Wii controls.

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So if I find something I want is there a way to make sure I can redeem it on Steam? I see the list at the top saying Steam redeemable, but nothing I may be interested in is listed there. Are they the only ones that can be redeemed on steam?

On the page of the game it'll have DRM: Steam and at the bottom it says Steam is required. The easiest way to tell is to ctrl+f steam on a given page.

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@49th said:

Do these work in other countries like the UK? It's always unclear about stuff like this.

Yeah I just signed into and when I got to the Checkout page it wouldn't let me continue because of my UK address so I just typed in a fake US one.

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@wjb said:

People are weird. While having a conversation with a group of people once, I found out an inordinate amount of them stood up to wipe, instead of leaning forward on the seat. What is that about?

By an inordinate amount you mean more than none, right?

Neither half of people knows the other half exists.

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Why take it out though? I mean it hardly detracts from anything and mostly adds to the Wiki..Sure it may not be the most serious Wiki page but if you don't like it just don't visit it..