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im really leaning towards 8. my brother is gonna let me borrow 6 for gba. and i want to complete my FF PS1 collection

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you see i have my ps2 turned sideways under a stand so I can't see the front. Sunday when I was trying to play FFVII, I had it in port1. But it didn't work so I put it in port 2, that obviously didn't work. When i changed it back today and turned on the game, it still didn't work (that was after I replied that I am freakin retarded lol). So I tried one last thing, something that always seemed to fix my old nintendo.... i blew in the controller input, and voila. Final Fantasy

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i am freakin retarded... i had the controller in port 2 the whole time...

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the controller doesn't work at all. I've turned the analog on and off and it just doesn't work.

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Ok so lately I've gotten the urge to play FFVII and FFIX lately. So I borrow my brother's FFVII and the controller doesn't work. It works for other games but not FFVII. I then order my own copy of FFVII thinking his might be busted (he did have deep scratches on the disc) as well as FFIX. Well FFIX arrived today and the controller doesn't work for that either. What gives? Can you not play Final Fantasy games with a PS2 controller?

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dude you are speaking a foreign language right now lol. i think I should also add that I'm a casual rpg fan and only somewhat know what you're talking about witchHunter lol

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Ok so I've recently begun buying all the older Final Fantasy games as FF13 has left me wanting more from a series that typically has impressed much more over the years. Now the only FF games I've played and actually gotten into have been FFIV on the DS, FFX, and FF13 so I do not have much experience though I know how the games work both structurally and gameplay-wise. Anyways I just ordered FFVII and FFIX as I feel those are the two that most interest me. I plan on buying more later or hell as soon as the new ones arrive in the mail and I start playing them. I'm just wondering what one to get next. I've always been interested in FFVI as many people cite it as the best or second best (behind 7 of course). It seems like a masterpiece in 16 bit rpg gaming. Although I also would like to complete the PS1 trilogy by buying FF8, I'm not scared off by the love story it focuses on, in fact that sort of interests me as love is rarely a topic that is nailed in video games. FFV really doesn't interest me much... at all. So it's really FFVI v.s. FF8. My brother said he'd let me borrow his FFVI Advance copy for the GBA, but I prefer playing games on the tv so again, what do you think? FF Anthology or FF8?

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So I'm really into Pokemon again. I have LeafGreen, Diamond, and Soul Silver therefore the last one I need to have all the main games (i'm including the reamkes as main games and as substitutes to the originals). I have played Sapphire (then my brother gave it away), and I then got Ruby (and that got stolen), so now I'm open to all 3. Which is the better Gen 3 Pokemon game? Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby?

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I can't even get into a match, what's going on!?

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Infinity Ward basically is no longer going to make Call of Duty games and the game that Sledgehammer Games is developing is an Action Adventure game (lame crossover). I'm pissed, I'm not happy, screw activision, you just alienated half of Call of Duty's fanbase. And Call of Duty is my favorite gaming franchise so I'm in a sticky situation here. Do I lend my allegiance to IW or... what was Infinity Ward? or do I continue to but COD games? Ugh... screw you Activision. This is a dark day in gaming.