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activision just released a statement regarding COD and IW according to g4's Patrick Klepek's twitter

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im surprised how legitimately upset I am about this situation. I love Infinity Ward, I love all their games, they are my favorite shooter dev, and now the two studio heads have been dismissed? this is a horrible day in gaming. I can only hope the two find success in future endeavors, and I'm sure many of IW will join them if they choose to continue making games under a new Developer name with a new publisher. I am so sick of Activision, they whore out their franchises, repackaging the same shit, and if rumors and speculation prove true, that's what they're trying to do with IW. Force them to make another MW game or Force them to hand over MW to another developer. Why not just do wha tthe developer wants to do!? I mean look at what happened when 2015 disbanded and formed IW, they made a hit WWII game based off their vision, not EA's. Then they wanted to do MW but Activision forced them to do COD2, which was also successful and led to the greenlight of COD4 which was HUGELY successful, then comes MW2 which was even more hugely successful. Now see what happens when you let the developer do what they were/are eager to do? You find success!! I don't understand Activision, all I know is I am very upset with this situation and I hope the gaming community gets some answers soon.

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i'd rather not have to buy the game twice, and there is a rumored Yoshi's Island game?or are you talking about Galaxy 2 where Yoshi is making his return?

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soundtrack? on WiiShop? they'd make more money on the game I think lol.

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ok... where the hell is Yoshi's Island? lol. This game is one of my favorite 2D Mario experiences, if you can call it a Mario game that is. The art style is refreshing, the gameplay is fun, simple, and addictive. The only flaw it has is Baby Mario's stupid whine whenever you lose him. Why ISN'T this game on the VC!? Any reasons? Will it be? If so when!?

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like I said im looking for the real original feel. that controller wouldnt give me that experience. I have found a site that sells what looks to be pretty legit controllers, maybe I'll get them at a later date.

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i prefer the NES controller to the Wii sideways personally. Using these really is for nostalgia purposes. I prefer having the actual controllers. Sure these aren't ACUTAL but they are as close as I am gonna get, and I didn't pay an arm and a leg.

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i think I am gonna deal with them. I didn't realize it's quite difficult to get a real one unless you wanna pay good money or buy the console with it. i was at first dealing with buyers regret, but learning it's difficult to buy real controllers I have relaxed and will take what I get, one question though, are the SNES shoulder buttons supposed to be clicky? cause these are. I've never played a REAL Snes, which I'm sad to say considering after playing all these old SNES games on VC, I've decided it's my favorite system.

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 Hi I have recently bought adapters that allow you to use NES and SNES controllers throught he gamecube port of the Wii for use with Virtual Console games. I owned a NES a long time ago and sold it, and I never owned a SNES. These are aftermarket and do not feature the nintendo logo anywhere on them. The NES one looks pretty good but the SNES looks so cheesy which really bothers me. The fact that they don't have the Nintendo logo on them bothers me. Kind of like an OCD thing.

I'm wondering if anyone has these controllers because I wanna know if they handle the same as real NES and SNES controllers. I mean... that's why I got them, I have a Classic Controller, but I wanted the experience of using old gamepads, playing the games they are meant to be played. Here are some pictures of the controllers. The NES one was $13 and the SNES one was $10. I can only return for store credit, so should I just stop being a bitch with my OCD and deal with it?

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The virtual console is by far the best thing the Wii has to offer. Who needs gimmicky wand waving games when you can play all of the best classics from NES-N64? I mean holy crap! I missed out on a lot of gaming. I'm 18 so I vaguely remember playing NES with my brother. Most of my memories are with the Playstation and PS2, whereas most of my real completion gaming has been with the 360. But holy crap do I wish I was my brothers age. i wish I could've experienced these games when they were new. These old school games are so much harder than any games in history. If I get hit by one more medusa head in Castlevania, I'm gonna need a new Wii Remote! It's genuine challenge. I'm used to being able to hide behind a bush for my health to replenish and go back out. These old games kick all of the new games' asses! The Virtual Console has stolen my heart, and a lot of my cash.