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its not that I want to skip the text, I just want it to go faster. i cant speed it up, I can read fast but when it scrolls so slow on the screen i get bored and dont wanna play.

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but on the VC the buttons like on the screen and in the configure menu are the N64 buttons so they're different colors and are placed differently on the N64 gamepad than the GC gamepad. Does the classic controller remedy that?

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Hi, I recently got a Wii and I downloaded Ocarina of Time for it. I also got a wireless Gamecube controller from Gamestop. When i go to use the controller with Ocarina I can't speed through text and it seems difficult to play sometimes. Is their a certain way I have to configure it? Is the Classic controller better? Does anybody have a good configuration that works well? And is it the wireless? Should I use the wired controller? For the record, it isn't a wavebird, it's a gamestop wireless gamecube gamepad.

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I was wondering if any other news besides the fact that the game will come to XBL and PSN "eventually" has been announced?

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I was younger when the first few Resident Evil games came out and therefore didnt pay much attention to story. I neglected to play R.E.4 but still get the basic plot. I get Umbrella, t-virus, william birkman, wesker, etc. But I dont know enough like game to game information, i mean Resident Evil 4, the "zombies" were so different and I knew i was missing something about the story. So now with Resident Evil 5 coming out and me purchasing it, I wanna know the whole story before I play. Where can I find this on the internet like a website or something that reveals all plot, twists, etc from all the games up to 4 (1,2,3,CodeVeronica,4)

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wondering if it will have better frame rates and less freezing.

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GTA San Andreas? or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix? I bought Hyper Fighting on XBLA and im not particvulary good at it. I prefer Mortal Kombat, and yes I have UMK3. Now I have GTA San Andreas for PS2, but should I get it for 360 since I can't even connect my PS2 to my new TV, plus the 360 controller is far superior. What do you all think?

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the matchmaking system isnt good. i mean i can live with matchmaking if its done right. I like how they let you pick the mode from 2 and maps from 2. but i do not like how it takes 20 hours to find a match, and i do not like hwo you cant join up and go into more matches with people you played with before like halo or cod. a simple patch can make it better though. i'll deal, but until they fix how long it takes, i'll just be playing bot matches with my friends.

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now im getting attacked for expressing my opinion about matchmaking. whatever. i hate matchmaking. it sucks.

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im whining because its ruined my fav online game. matchmaking is the worst thing to come to online gaming.