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its not the same. i dont have alot of friends whop have a 360. i liked jumping in and out of matches. its ruined now.

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Seriously matchmaking? The only reason I hate Halo is matchmaking. They only reason I get irritated at COD is matchmaking. Now they took the perfect online setup that Gears 1 had and gave it MATCHMAKING!? I can't leave a match in the middle of it. No jump in and out just to have some fun. No playing multiple games with a few guys you can get to know. No playing unranked and playing on your favorite map to just mess around. No FUN! I'm so upset right now. I love Gears, and I loved Gears multiplayer. But this... this isnt gears multiplayer. This is crap and I'm very upset...

just needed a place to rant. who agrees with me?

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We are called the Atlantic madden football League (AMFL). In order to have no more than 16 games in a season, we will have a team cap of 16. In order to avoid Flex Scheduling, I will make a schedule and post it on the forum. If the schedule isn't followed, a one game suspension is implemented. This way we have people following the scheduling system so that we can experience a genuine league experience. To join to just to our forum and snatch up a team.

The following teams are taken

So join and prove you have what it takes to win the A.M. Bowl (Atlantic Madden Bowl) and take home the Michael Robert Trophy (equivalent to Vince Lombardy Trophy)

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we now have 6 teams, our cap is 16 teams. We may have a few people signing up tomorrow, so if you want in, i suggest signing up now.

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Subway said:
"Ugh does this game not actually have online dynasty? I'll join the forum anyways."
great. yeah the scheduling Madden has is TERRIBLE. thats why i made a FOLLOW THE ADMIN SCHEDULE RULE. You can read about it in the Rules and regulations post
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yes you MUST join the forum. On our forum is our method of scheduling your games with your opponent. Also the rules and regulations are posted there. PLEASE join. It would be great to have more members.

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check the forum for how the season will work in the rules and regulations topic. and HongKong, PLEASE sign up. You have one day or I will unreserve the Falcons.

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ok the drafting feature in the game is WAYYYY too confusing and some ppl will get screwed, so it is REAL LIFE ROSTERS! remember, you can pick up free agents and trade players so its fine. Hong Kong, join on the forum, i already reserved the falcons for you. and Clean, who cares? its fun! joiN!

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HoNgKoNgPh0oEy said:
"or maybe i will make another giant bomb leauge where I am eagles"
just be the falcons
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k, right now the only team taken is the eagles.i have 2 ppl yet to have signed onto the forums yet or grab a team so we have 3 members, maybe a 4th, plus anyone else who happens to join