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Monsters VS Aliens; The Videogame 0

**NOTE** I played this only because the kid up the street needed help and I ended up doing the whole thing for him. I don't usually play kids games. Apart from the new Banjo Kazooie. That game is rad.LEGO Star Wars was a landmark in recent gaming history. Not only was it easy and fun for the kids, it was funny, self-mocking, referential and infintely playable for grown ups and older people also. I remember playing that game a LOT, trying to get that last mini-kit and playing as different charact...

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Afro Samurai 0

Afro Samurai, a game by Namco based on the anime film (starring Samuel L. Jackson, like the game adaptation) has very distinct graphical style and hugely over the top violence. It is gory and has a very good first impression. However, fifteen minutes in, one realises that all the style and visual panache in the world can't make bad combat good, and unfortuantely this is the fate that has beset Afro Samurai.As I mentioned above, the game does leave a very good first impression. The violence is su...

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Fable II 0

It's not often a game comes along that can move its player emotionally with deep poignancy and yet still be flat out hilarious and superbly thrilling. Fable II is one such game. It is a masterpiece, full of monster killing, quest completion, undercover espionage, and ultimately tells a simple little tale of corruption, betrayal, revenge and also friendship, companionship and love. The protagonist's (male or female, depending on player preference) struggle to destroy the corrupted monarch that to...

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate 0

Based on the graphic novel and movie of the same name, Wanted; Weapons of Fate, is a truly thrilling and cinematic game experience. It is fun, action packed, very violent, has plenty of swearing and cool gunplay and the graphics look great. Its also, in Australia at least, $100 for only four-five hours of gameplay on the HARDEST DIFFICULTY.But what a five hours it is. Wanted sees you pkaying as a few key characters form the source material and throws a whole lot of dumb henchmen (who don't FLANK...

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Left 4 Dead 0

It's a scientific fact that the zombie apocalypse is coming, and soon. The arrival of Left 4 Dead marks the beginning of what is hopefully a long line of games by Valve, the 'gaming artists' behind a few of my favourite games, such as Portal and Team Fortress 2, as well as resounding classics Half-Life and Counter Strike. Here, the robust Source engine displays not portal guns, flamethrowers or Vortigaunts: we have a brilliantly realised, post-apocalyptic world teeming with hordes of the undead....

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The Godfather II 0

The Godfather II (the game, this is, not the movie) fails in many ways  to capture the spirit of the films and instead offers up some tedious action with healthy portions of strategy. You play as Dominic, who you can style to your every whim. My Dominic looked like a cheap 80s softcore porn star, with healthily vibrant handlebars, lightly cropped afro, and suave threads.Unfortunately, the Mobface creation tool was one of the better things about The Godfather II, which ultimately fails to immerse...

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MadWorld 0

Before I say anything: YES, this is the most violent game on the Wii, and NO, it is not the best by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine my surprise when an extremely hyped, cool looking game gets passed by the Australian censorship board without a single cut. And we're talking about some really extreme violence. Whatver the reason for its secure passage through the Ratings Board, now we can all enjoy and pick the faults of of Madworld, a shallow vapid actioner that entertains due to sparklin...

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House of the Dead; Overkill 0

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are two of cinema's most interesting filmmakers. For one, they have made cult classics over and over again in their relatively short careers, and yet still they turn their gaze to the forgotten genres. Their latest was 'Grindhouse', a gore filled, double feature homage to the 70s sleaze-pit cinema adventures that they so fondly remembered.Why, you may ask, is this cinema fact relevant to a Light-Gun Game on the Wii? Well, Overkill, the latest in the House o...

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