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I am no one's bitch.

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If Stevie Case isn't involved: no sale.

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A number station broadcast in Thirty Flights of Loving. Nice.

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I do not approve. I do not. I guess I should be happy for the Oculus folks. I am.


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Those embedded videos do not work for me.

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@zmilla said:

@bishop113 said:

We get it Patrick, you're real modern, I love that you're allowed to continue to use Giantbomb as your outlet for pushing your over the top agendas out into the world.

Over the top agendas as in talking about video games and the video game industry?

lol ur attitude, and those like it, really suck

The Mattie Brice article isn't about video games at all.

A narrower viewpoint, you prefer, yes?

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@meatball: I see seven links to articles written by women, an article about a woman being harassed on the internet and an article about a homosexual person as well as an article about a black man's racial heritage.

Patrick is very blatantly trying to implement some sort of diversity change with these articles as these are the same topics and trends that pop up in nearly every single one of these "worth reading" posts, even when the articles aren't worth a damn he posts them just because oh hey race, sexual orientation or it's written by a woman. Oh so edgy, so modern. It's ridiculous and it completely clashes with every single other piece of material on this website, Patrick is the only one on here pushing this kind of crap onto the site every week.

I'm sorry, that's crap? I wholeheartedly disagree, "Bishop." Are you some sort of scumbag? What exactly would you like to see written on Giant Bomb? Hmmmmmmmm? I SURE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW!