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If you plan on doing a 4 year degree in computer science, yes you will most likely need to do a bit of math in order to graduate (prob. calculus 1, 2 and 3, linear algebra, and maybe more depending on your school)

However, the response to your question depends entirely on what you want to do. There are some specific fields that require math, for example: physics engines, image processing, compression, anything with statistics, crypography, etc.

Generally though, you don't need to know complicated math to be a programmer and get a job. If you plan on making a game by yourself the scope of the game won't be big enough that you will need to do any complicated math unless it's somehow involved conceptually.

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Never heard their names before the discussion on the bombcast, but I have always loved the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack. The Banjo-Kazooie music is pretty great, Viva Pinata music is awesome too.

I think they're both fantastic.

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DOOM - used to scare the shit out of me but i loved it
Chrono Trigger - this was the first and best jrpg i ever played, when i was young it was so easy to listen to the music and get lost in daydreams of this game
Super Mario 64 - as a 10 year old kid, it just felt like a giant amazing playground
Half-Life 2 - this game was so well put together and felt great to play
Halo: Combat Evolved: got this one for christmas, played HOURS of it with my sister over the christmas break
Knights Of The Old Republic - such an addictive game, my brother and i all used to play this and compare characters
World of Warcraft - made me really feel like i had entered another world, i think this was my peak of amazement and will never be matched
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - the game looked amazing and i loved feeling like i was a small guy in a massive world where i could do whatever i wanted
Bioshock - such a great atmosphere and story, the twist was great

i loved being a kid, everything was always new and it was so easy to be impressed. my transportations to the land of amazement have become much less frequent in the last 10 or so years

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I didn't like combat in the first Witcher game, and based on my experience with it I never bothered with The Witcher 2.

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@pj They mention near the bottom of the kickstarter page they will finish the game at a smaller scale if the kickstarter doesn't get funded, so I think it's safe to assume you're right and that they already have some money.

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wow i'm super excited for this, also David Wise (Donkey Kong Country) is working on the soundtrack with Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie), some of my favourite game music composers!

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I almost went for the British until I saw the Canadian.

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Windows 7 here! I only have a laptop right now, I bought it a few months before Windows 8 came out and I'm happy with it! I'll probably buy a new laptop and desktop later this year after Windows 10 comes out, and put/leave 10 on both.

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Also, I'm wondering about this open world business. It works with Elder Scrolls because every battle you're leveling up some skill, but in Zelda if they have random baddies running around what's the incentive to fight them? Wouldn't it just be easier to run around them? I hope they figure something out to keep me wanting to fight every enemy I see.