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I've been robbed at knifepoint four times. Only in the second case was the guy actually caught. The third incident involved the guy trying to lead me outside, when he got to the threshold of the door, I shoved him out and he cut my hand.

My city is or was and probably will return to being the Murder Capital of Canada.

Hah, where are you from, Surrey?

I've been pick-pocketed once, never mugged.

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Anyone else think it would be cool if Vinny and Alex did an Endurance Run when the GB east office is done setting up??

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Ahh ahahah, that sucks lol.

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I really want to play this. I thought I heard at some point of a Metal Gear Solid collection coming to the pc, or maybe that was just wishful thinking turned rumor.

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Yeah it's interesting seeing these games coming back, I'm excited to play some new UT when it's completed. I played more UT than Quake, but honestly I was a way bigger CS guy than either of those two games.

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@bigmess said:

I think my favorite thing Drew has ever said was "Im dressed like a speedbumb!" when Jeff was talking about the dangers of driving in a trick or treater infested neighborhood.

hahaha i remember that

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Earthbound is great! Chrono Cross is awesome too, I'd say play a couple other games first then check out Chrono Cross, go into it with an open mind and you'll enjoy it.

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Doom 2 double barrel shotgun hands down!

edit: even the reload animation/sound is great, so satisfying!

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my thoughts went like this:
1. pickup lines
2. guitar pickups
3. pickup trucks
4. pickup sports (eg basketball)

Still not really sure what's going on here.

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Wall-E, then everything else, with the Toy Stories and Monsters Inc near the top.