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I used to play WoW, back when it was new, the thing that drew me in was the massive seamless world, i remember being in awe and frequently getting lost, and reading every bit of text that came way. That was a fun time :)

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I watched Vinny/Jeff, then went back later and watched Brad/Ryan. At least that way if it's intimidating you could split them up and watch them in 2 parts.

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Playing through..... Dragon Age 2! It's not as bad as a remember everyone saying it was.

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i loved both those games so much, i played through each of them a good 5 or 6 times. i should go back through them at some point

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I've been listening to LP, love this song!

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Sky Force has been a pretty addictive vertical scrolling shooter.

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Dan seems like a good fit!

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I guess I have perfect colour vision?

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Happened a few times, it's always kinda awkward.