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get a bottle of fernet, and some coke

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I'm from Canada, I've been to 7 other countries:

  • United States
  • Argentina (currently living here)
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • Peru

I would love to visit Europe at some point, my mother's family is from Holland so I'd like to go there and learn some Dutch.

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Vancouver BC, 9th grade, I remember hearing people talking about what happened on the bus and thinking it was a joke, and then there was an announcement at school. Crazy day.

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  • anything with dota
  • patrick's solo videos (except worth playing, it's a nice way to discover new games)
  • power bombcast
  • 8-4 podcast
  • any article that's about a topic i don't care about
  • trailers
  • most of the interview dumptruck stuff unless it's something i'm super interested in

i watch a lot of the videos while i'm doing other things though, so sometimes i miss stuff

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Ahhh ok I'm going to go to the gym before this hits. Here's a tip, don't bench press while listening to MBMBAM... I just stick with music now.

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I can't stand the black site version.

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How old are you? I played VG's most of my life but started losing interest in them when I was about 24. I still play games from time to time, but not for hours a day like I used to. I don't know, don't force it though, wait until something catches you eye, and until then, the world is limitless; If you have the money to play videogames and you're bored of them, there are so many amazing things you could be doing that you'll never have enough time in your life to do them all.

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I used to play WoW, back when it was new, the thing that drew me in was the massive seamless world, i remember being in awe and frequently getting lost, and reading every bit of text that came way. That was a fun time :)

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I watched Vinny/Jeff, then went back later and watched Brad/Ryan. At least that way if it's intimidating you could split them up and watch them in 2 parts.