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I really enjoy the Elder Scrolls games, I love just exploring around and doing whatever the fuck I want! Also, no fast travel!

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My completely uneducated guess? The Netherlands and Argentina in the finals, The Netherlands wins.

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Awesome! Congrats man!

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I just spent 10 days in Rio, it was fucking amazing. Watched matches and drank beer and caipirinhas in the street, in bars and on the beach.

I want to go back to that city for an extended period of time, maybe during carnival next year!

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If you're serious about programming there's a few things you should know that will help you get a job. There's a lot more out there to know than just programming, and these are small things, but they can affect whether you get a job or not.

1. You need to install linux on your computer, use it, and become familiar with it. A lot of places you will want to work at will expect you to be familiar with linux and not need 2 weeks to set up your work environment. Honestly, you should just dive in deep and install something like Arch Linux. It will be a huuuge pain in the ass, once it's installed you will just have a command line, and you have to set everything up manually. It's not a ready-to-use out-of-the-box software like windows, mac os or even ubuntu, you have to set up your windows manager, drivers, manually mount a usb and everything else yourself, but if you do it you will eventually become a linux wizard. Also familiarize yourself with whatever package manager you have in whatever version of linux you use.

2. Make an account on github, make a small program, make some branches, commit, push, stash, pull, break it and try to figure out what fucked up and why. Git, or any other version control software will be really confusing at first but it is infinitely useful and it will be expected that you know how to use it.

3. If/when you find a job, don't be afraid to ask someone for help even if it's something super small. Trust me when I say it's better to just ask someone and have them show you in a few minutes instead of spending 2 days trying to figure it out yourself so you don't look dumb.

There's a TON of other things I haven't mentioned, like how to write a good commit messages, writing good unit tests, accurately estimating how long tasks will take, writing useful documentation, and a ton of other little things that are part of software development but are on the periphery of programming.

Hopefully some other people here can come up with some other examples.

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Are the giantbomb streams with commentary going to be archived? I've got to work tomorrow so if they are archived i will watch them when i get home each night.

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Here's my random prediction: microsoft is going to announce a new ip rpg.

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@video_game_king: I'm honestly surprised by the donkey kong country hate, I played the hell out of that game with my friends and thought it was universally loved.

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I haven't touched either, and I've never owned a playstation console before, but the left analog stick on the ps controllers always seemed weird to me because it's where the dpad is on the 360 (i went from n64 -> dreamcast -> original xbox -> xbox 360).

Although I'm sure given a day or 2 I could get used to it.