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I cannot overstate how much I like the idea of a road trip Final Fantasy.

Couldn't agree more. It brings back the exploration of the world in a big way - or so I hope, anyways.

I watched another video that was basically 15 minutes of those 4 guys driving and walking around. Looked kind of cool, I liked the road trip idea too.

I haven't really enjoyed the final fantasy series that much, I played through VI about 10-15 years ago. I tried VII and XIII and didn't enjoy them. Hopefully this turns out well! Also I like that you have to sleep to level up, reminds me of Morrowind/Oblivion lol.

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I think we'll get the demos you desire eventually. Until then we must be patient.

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I need to be bombcasted!

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When I first started visiting gamespot, I don't know how many year ago, I didn't like Alex, I thought he was annoying and generally avoided his videos. I don't know when that changed but I really enjoy his content on GB, he seems like an intelligent guy with well thought out opinions, and I love the stuff he's doing in NY with Vinndog.

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Ok Ubisoft at some point a few months ago sort of confirmed Beyond Good and Evil 2, if they put this open world tower discovery bullshit into that game I will be so angry but still play that game. lol. Seriously though Ubisoft don't fuck up BG&E 2 by forcing it to be open world, please.

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This was more than 10 years ago, but a teacher in high school once started playing Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64, I thought that was awesome.

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I'm about half way through the tech video, and as a programmer it's super interesting. I thought the world was randomly generated like minecraft, but as the dude says it's all defined by a formula and then generated on the fly based on the formula. It totally makes sense now how everyone will play in the same world but it will show who discovered each planet.

edit: also i love how you can clearly see he's trying to explain without being too technical lol, i have that problem at work all the time

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Ok, I have 127 games on my steam account, and I went through and counted 49 games that I've either beaten, or played enough of that they were worth the purchase (like CS or Age of Conan).

But I've also got some episodic games like Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future that both have 5 parts each that I haven't touched, as well as a bunch of Double Fine prototypes I never really played, and like 5 different Half-Life addons (eg Lost Coast, Blue Shift, Opposing Force etc) that I've never opened. There's also a bunch of games I picked up cheap, played an hour or two and didn't like so I never went back to them (eg The Witcher or Kingdoms of Amalur).

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Skyrim's great. I originally played it on the 360, but I just bought a copy with the dlc during the recent steam sale, and have installed 107 mods so far. Loving the pc version. A tip for anyone playing on an ultrabook (or you just have a bad videocard), pick up the hialgo boost mod, it dynamically lowers the resolution when you move the camera, not too noticeable and makes the game a lot more playable.

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doughnut test tasting