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No thanks!

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I don't wholly think a next-gen version is really necessary. They'd spend far more porting and developing for it than they'd actually make back on those versions; the install base makes sense to only put out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in my opinion.

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I think we're only really capable of perceiving what is within our direct space, so being of the middle class, I can't quite comprehend what it would mean to be of the elite rich or the incredibly poor. I can see sign's of it in my life, but understanding it is another thing; being ignorant or oblivious really doesn't pertain to either of those things - it's just who you are in a relative space.

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At this point, Nintendo feel's like an athlete still playing way past their glory days. At a certain point, you've got to hang it up and that's okay.

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The idea of a golden age is stupid. That's like admitting there will never be a time where games can be any better than they already have been. Might as well quit playing new stuff with that attitude.

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I'm totally spooked by this right now everyone. You spooked me...

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Love both games to death, but I prefer Persona 3 because I'm a bummer of a human being and that story really worked itself into me.

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I hope the prison thing is literal and we'll be playing as a bunch kids in Juvie!

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This one is hard because these games are such polar opposites of one another. That being said, Solid Snake is in my heart and I'm going with that, even though it'll probably not move on.

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I don't want to let nostalgia overtake what I think is, overall, a way better game. Dark souls was such a unique experience and really got me into playing different sorts of games and tackling things in different ways when I play games. I guess what I'm saying is that Dark Souls made me a better person, so it wins?