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Being a huge fan of the NHL games I definitely have some ideas for improvements. Some are really picky but others I feel would add big improvements to the game.

  • I def agree with more celebrations
  • Maybe new commentators? I'm sick of Bill and Gary
  • If you take a game misconduct you should switch to a dumbed down computer player, kind of like if you get injured by a shot the game switches you automatically to a computer player. Too many times have I seen within the first minutes of the game a player take a game misconduct and has to sit out the rest of the game. Just switch them to a lower overall computer player so at least they can still participate somehow.
  • In drop in games you should be able to vote to kick out a player. Players who just standing around or take constant penalties or who don't understand the game at all just end up ruining the experience for everyone else. Especially if you have a user goalie who decides they're just gonna lose the game intentionally. Majority votes to kick out players would be nice.
  • In club games where you have a user goalie and select to play teams who also have a user goalie, if a goalie quits out of the game the club should automatically be given a loss. The reason why people look for match my goalie, is so they can play a team who's also using a user controlled goalie. It changes the whole dynamic of the game if one goalie decides to quit while another is still in the game.
  • Better overall matchmaking please.
  • Different unlockable arenas, like in FIFA. It would be cool to unlock bigger or different arenas and be able to name them too.
  • Coaches that look like the actual coaches I also agree would be cool
  • There should be a way to cause scrums after whistles to give it more of a true hockey feel.
  • If I'm not participating in a fight, why am I seeing it from the first person of my teammate? I should be seeing the fight thru my perspective.
  • Actual goal celebration songs that the teams have. And being able to select one for your online club with unlockable arenas you can name, would really feel like your at home when playing home games.
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Religion and politics.

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Playing guitar and going to the gym

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Night bc that's when I get most of my gaming in.

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I'm very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Stay strong man.

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Mega Man 3 shouldn't be in the bad list and RE3 was worse than RE2 imo. Not saying it should be in the bad list but I'm not sure i would say it qualifies as a "best" #3 game.

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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: lol true they are two different things and from experience I fail at both when trashed lol

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Hell yes it is worth re-watching. I recently started re-watching it myself and you forget just how great that show was.

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I congratulate you on being as drunk as you said you were and yet no grammatical errors lol. Way back when I used to message people whilst drunk it would take forever trying to figure out what i wrote bc being that drunk I assumed that I can still type cohesive messages by sliding my fingers around the keyboard.

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I watched ScottishDuck's LP of Resident Evil Code Veronica bc I haven't played the game in years and totally forgot the whole story. At first I assumed the commentary was gonna suck but to my surprise I really enjoyed his commentary. I would suggest ScottishDuck for sure.