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Congrats man! Hope you save many lives!

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Not really sure why, but I would much rather have them come out on fridays like some people have said it is for them because then you'd have the whole weekend to play and enjoy it rather than wanting to call out of work so I can have more play time.

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Yeah there's def user/users who I think "Ugh here we go," but I think there's somebody like that for everybody.

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  • Guys who stand an inch away from the mirror so they can look deep into their eyes as they lift.
  • Guys who try to look all tough by shadow boxing.
  • Guys who throw the weights wherever they want after they're done with them.
  • Guys who cover the treadmill in their sweat and don't wipe it clean when they're done with it.
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I can eat them either way, it depends if I want to eat it warm or not.

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Have some coffee to get you through the school day but not too much so that when you get home you can take a power nap from whenever you get home from school till just before you go out at 7pm.

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@Still_I_Cry said:

$60 in the USA with tax it is about $64-68 or so.


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I work for the news and about a month ago I was out on a shoot when suddenly there was a torrential downpour and got completely soaked head to toe. I spent the rest of the day in a bright yellow poncho and matching pants as they were the only spare clothes laying around the office. Oh yeah and I was barefoot too bc my shoes and socks were also drenched.

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I haven't noticed any fewer in my area.

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I don't sit that way, but I don't frown upon it. If your comfortable, who cares?